Amit Fliess –

Information retrieval applying a thorough approach to locate relevant information by exhaustive search.

Computational data analysis with extensive experience in finding non conventional creative solutions to complex data analysis.

Data mining of nonlinear, non-normally distributed, real life data, mainly in the field of biology. Experience with a broad spectrum of biological data types from: databases of sequences and structures of biological macromolecules to phenotypic data.

Computational data preprocessing mainly by text processing, mostly by utilizing regular expressions.

Broad background in biology from a molecular to the organism level.

Proficiency in a variety of bioinformatics computational tools.

Ability to adapt to new computational environments, master software packages and apply existing computational tools for uses they were not initially designed for.

Inquisitiveness for new areas of knowledge and exploration of new computational tools.

Amit Fliess's resumes

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    Computational data analysis expert in Scientific
    AvielHaifa District, Israel
    Date Posted
    19 Feb 2014