Gaurav –

Gaurav has been working in the Data Science sector for more than 5+ years by now.

He can help with
R /Python, R Shiny, and BI tools development as well.

He’s got 5 years of total experience with 4 years in Client Engagement and Data Analytics.

Experienced programmer trained in R Programming, Java, SQL, Python, and C++.

Delivered 150% on the timely project deadlines for 5 consecutive years.

Drove a team of 7 fresh Assistant Project Managers training from scratch.

Gaurav enjoys the roles that are challenging and diverse.

He also enjoys both leading projects and contributing at a high level and appreciates roles that allow him to do both. In doing that He is able to wear a variety of “hats” in order to get the job done.

Gaurav is an outgoing and energetic (ask anybody) young professional, skills, personality, and murderous tendencies. His squid-like head is a masterful problem-solver and inspires fear in who gaze upon it. He can bring world domination to organisations.

Gaurav's resumes

  1. Resume title
    R Programmer | Data Scientist
    AhmedabadGujarat, India
    Date Posted
    4 Nov 2017