Scott Stevens

I love data exploration, analysis, and visualization. I have experience in experimental design, statistics, and R programming, and am currently learning Python as well. I’ve given talks in all sorts of contexts, from conferences to public talks to board meetings, and I enjoy the process of breaking information down and making it digestible and useful for a variety of audiences (nothing tests your understanding like explaining it in simple terms). I love writing in general.

My group evaluates new automotive safety systems, including collision-warning systems and automated vehicles. Currently, I analyze the results of large-scale studies of these systems, characterizing their effectiveness and user acceptance. Although I started off in the natural sciences, I transitioned to working with engineers via a Ph.D. in experimental psychology.

Though currently based in Cambridge, MA, I have lived in Germany and the UK.

I also serve as the Secretary of the Board for the Massachusetts Chapter of the Fulbright Association.

Scott Stevens's resumes

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    Volpe Data Scientist & Secretary of Massachusetts Fulbright Association in Engineering
    CambridgeMassachusetts, United States
    Date Posted
    1 Dec 2017