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Data scientist/data analyst

Resume posted by Gregory Demin in Marketing.

Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Moskva Moscow, Russia

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Director of analytical department with more than 10 years of experience in marketing/research analysis and data processing. Extensive experience in setting up and management of analytical departments in market research companies.
Excellent analytical, data processing and data cleaning skills.
Broad knowledge in Microsoft Excel (VBA), IBM SPSS Statistics, R, development of R packages.
Expertise in advanced market research methods: conjoint, MaxDiff, TURF etc.
Participated in data mining competitions on Kaggle:


1994 – 2000 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Applied physics and mathematics, master’s degree with distinction

1998 – 2001 State University – Higher School of Economics (HSE), Economic sociology, master’s degree

Additional education

2005 Decision Time, SPSS, certificate

2005 Answer Tree, SPSS, certificate

2012 Advanced Quantitative Technique, ESOMAR Workshop

2012 Machine Learning, Coursera, Statement of Accomplishment

2012 Model Thinking, Coursera, Statement of Accomplishment

2014 Introduction to Data Science, Coursera, Statement of Accomplishment

2014 Regression Models, Coursera, Statement of Accomplishment

2014 Exploratory Data Analysis, Coursera, Statement of Accomplishment

2014 Reproducible Research, Coursera, Statement of Accomplishment

2014 Developing Data Products, Coursera, Statement of Accomplishment

2014 Statistical Inference, Coursera, Statement of Accomplishment

2014 R Programming, Coursera, Statement of Accomplishment


Director of analytical department

09.2010 – present «Magram Market Research» (, one of the leading market research agencies in Russia.

  • Set up and supervised new analytical department (six employees). Managed recruitment and mentoring of new personnel; planning; control etc.
  • Communications with clients on projects involving complex mathematical methods.
  • Development and adaptation of the market research methodologies for client needs.
  • Development of online surveys direction.

Achievements: Developed the online research direction including in-house surveys programming which led to significant costs reduction. Launched the NPS (Net Promoter Score) tracker in Russia and some former-USSR republics for leading Russian mobile operators. Developed predictive model of customer loyalty for one of the largest Russian private banks.

Head of analytical and data processing department

02.2007 – 08.2010      «Business Analytica – Marketing Concepts» (, one of the leading market research agencies in Russia.

  • Managed the department (four employees): planning, control, communications with field works department, IT specialists and research managers, recruitment and mentoring of personnel.
  • Communications with clients.
  • Data processing and analysis.
  • Automation of data processing and reports preparation.

Achievements: Reorganized data entry and data cleaning workflow which resulted in significant increase in productivity. Development a methodology for market volume estimation for a new launching product. Designed segmentation of mobile operator customers which became a foundation for strategy for value added service development.

Leading Analyst

09.2004–01.2007 «Sportmaster» (, leading retailer of sport goods in Russia.

  • Estimation and forecasting of the clothing/footwear/sport goods market volume.
  • Research of the behavior of users of Sportmaster discount cards: segmentation by buying habits, revealing of the most profitable segments.
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of Ad campaigns.

Achievements: Adapted McKinsey’s customer segmentation for Russian sport goods market, this segmentation was used for company strategy development. Developed model for market volume estimation and forecast. Developed model of sales volume changes after bonus program modification.


05.2002 – 08.2004 «Business Analytica – Marketing Concepts» (, one of the leading market research agency in Russia.

  • Data analysis: customer segmentation, index of customer satisfaction, product attributes influence on general product perception etc.
  • Processing of the marketing survey data: syntax and scripts in IBM SPSS, macros in Excel VBA for data processing automation.
  • Communication with subcontractors: technical requirements for CATI scripts/online surveys, requirements for database format etc.
  • Reports preparation for company internal usage.

Achievements: Automated data processing which resulted in more than two times growth of department productivity.


  • Data analysis: cluster analysis; factor analysis; regression (ridged, lasso, hierarchical, bayesian and so on); classification trees; random forest etc.
  • Advanced methods of marketing research: conjoint, MaxDiff, TURF, copy tests, product tests and so on.
  • IBM SPSS (scripts, syntax).
  • R ( – my package on CRAN: ( ).
  • Microsoft Excel: formulas – VLOOKUP, SUMPRODUCT, array formulas and so on; pivot tables; Visual Basic for Application (VBA, macro); dashboards development.
  • SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MonetDB), Python (basic level), Javascript (basic level).

Spoken Languages

    English, Russian