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I have an extensive background in analysis, including macro and micro economics, business planning and forecasting, and financial analysis. Along with my attention to detail and diverse industry background, I believe this well qualifies me as an individual who can assist you in meeting your clients’ needs.
Business sciences and applied mathematics have been the cornerstones of my formal education. My work experience in Operations Research, Economics, Statistical Analysis, and Financial Analysis, expands the formal education skills by adding ironies, contradictions, and other non-linearity’s of the real world to my expertise.
Software technology skills include the “R” analytical and charting language, plus other languages used in analysis and presentations. Although this technology is significant, it means very little if not properly applied. That is where soft skills: judgment, intuition, experience, courage, and vision come in. It is experience in applying these soft skills carefully which results in positive outcomes.


B.S.I.E. Ohio State University

M.A. Economics Case Western Reserve University



COTanalytics, LLC:  Canton, Ohio                          Investment Website                                                                                    2011 to Present



Designed, marketed, and published subscription based investment information website issuing buy and sell signals based on proprietary models. Investment models issue Buy/Sell signals for Futures, Bonds, Currencies, and Stocks.


Proprietary Forecasting and Valuation Models:  Published fundamental and technical models and charts measuring valuation and forecasting price movements for 46 Futures’ contracts, 10 Cross Currencies, 265 Equities. Stock fundamental analysis based upon the Dupont model. Employed innovative models combining Multiple Linear Regression, ARIMA, and capacity analysis to forecast price movements. Invented Traders Trackstm, a graphical representation that assists in the timing of entry/exit of positions.


E-commerce: Designed communication strategy and content structure for a Word Press website.   R generated statistical analyses and charts published in PDF and PNG formats.  Multiple charts reflecting multiple model alternatives produced per investment vehicle explaining price movements, trader positions, and available capacity of trader resources.   Written in Word Press HTML5 and the “R” Programming Analytical Language.  Website:  http:// www.CommitmentsOfTradersAnalytics.com.

Bohemian Investments: Marco Island, FL       Private Equity Fund                                                        1994 to 2011

Trader and Investment Manager

Developed, planned and executed trading strategies and portfolio design based upon supply and demand metrics.

Portfolio Structure: Dynamic positioning based upon proprietary macroeconomic analysis and profit models, sector dynamics, and individual company and/or commodity performance.

Wealth Management:  Nineteen years of continuous portfolio growth. Investment models developed for different investing time frames.  Stocks, Futures, Currencies, and Options.

Macro-Economic Model: Developed proprietary model forecasting country level metrics.



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Lakewood Hospital:   Lakewood, Ohio               400 Bed Acute Care Nonprofit Hospital                 1992 to 1994




First Business Planning Director hired to bring direction to organization awareness of service costs, productivity, and cash flow growth.  Established organization’s industrial engineering team. Selected projects include:


Labor Productivity: Implemented an Excel based flexible labor budgeting and performance measurement system resulting in savings of $400,000 annually (10 FTE’s).


Physician Performance: Developed and implemented a monitoring report that measured a physicians’ patients’ average LOS (length of stay) by DRG category. Flagged excessive LOS by physician and resulted in LOS reductions of 10 % for 5% of the physicians.


Customer Satisfaction: Conducted simulation of outpatient facility to measure capacity and patient waiting times under various labor scheduling scenarios.  Resulted in a reduction of 20 minutes in service times for the average patient (from I hour originally) and an increase of throughput capacity of 30%.

Republic Engineered Steels:  Canton, Ohio     Alloy steel and stainless steel strip                         1974 to 1992




 MANAGER OF TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT                         



Led matrixed project and alliance teams that developed best practices, improved profitability, strategic focus, and delivery of quality services to both internal and external customers during a time of rapid organizational and infrastructure change. Selected projects include:


Infrastructure Development: Collaborator and member of  six person task force responsible for the design, justification, and implementation of a $650 million seven year strategic plan that replaced existing facilities with world class production facilities while maintaining existing production and retention of customers.

Outsourcing: Managed third party computer simulations. Increased project turnaround time 50%.

Six Sigma: Principal in the implementation of a companywide Six Sigma program.  Developed a cost of quality model to monitor the performance and effectiveness of the Six Sigma program.  Determined there was no cost savings to implemented program.

Strategic Planning: Principal in team based rationalization studies of the company (Republic Steel). Included detailed product profitability study and market forecasts. Resulted in the reduction of production facilities from three plants to one plant and the concomitant reduction from 13,500 employees to 6,500, as well as proportionally product line and input factor resources.

Labor Productivity:  Led change management team with responsibilities to conduct wage roll rationalization studies.  Determined wage rolls could be reduced by 33% with no capital improvements. Used as negotiating tool with union to justify cost reductions (LTV Steel).

Organizational Design: Designed management organization into four reporting levels resulting in a 10% reduction in staff (LTV Steel).

Change management:  Served as a trainer to both wage and staff employees on Six Sigma program. Created unique and intuitive program for instructing hourly personnel with limited education.


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Member of implementation team that installed a standard cost accounting system for the corporation that allowed accurate monthly performance measurements and quantifying product profitability. Initiated use of determinants in solving for charging rates saving one week in development time or ten man weeks each update iteration.

Leadership:  Managed seven industrial engineers (Republic Steel).  Responsible for all industrial engineering functions for the melt shops, caster, rolling mills, and shops and crafts maintenance.  Responsible for the preparation of the annual capital budget and the development of the economic justification of each individual project (NPV analysis).  Conducted post audits of completed capital projects.  The company at this point in time was reputedly to be one of the nation’s most profitable steel plants, and with its early adoption of continuous casting, a technological leader. Responsible for developing and maintaining the plant’s capacity and utilization report that was used in conjunction with cost and capacity studies related to capital project submission process.

Technology: Designed the layouts for two production facilities employing state of the art discrete event simulation techniques and software: 1) a stainless slab grinding operation and 2) the finishing and material handling for a proposed bar mill. Saved $40 million in excess finishing facilities for the bar mill, and confined the grinding facility to one building as opposed to previously two building design saving  $10 million facility costs.


  • • Supervisor Training(Republic Steel)
  • • Statistical Process Control and Six Sigma
  • • AutoMod Simulation & ProModel Simulation
  • • “R” Programming Language & SAS programming
  • • Microsoft Excel, Word, and Powerpoint
  • • CBOE Options Master Level


    Analytics of all persuations

Groups & Associations

    • Senior Member Institute of Industrial Engineering • Senior Member Society of Manufacturing Engineers • Member American Institute of Steel Engineers • CBOE Options Master Certificate

Spoken Languages

    English -- very effectively