Data Scientist/Back-end Developer

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Desired position type: Any
Location: Sarasota Florida, United States

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I’m an R codemonkey with a background in database development. Currently taking a break from academic work to put some time into interesting projects.


B.A. Natural Sciences, New College of Florida (3rd year student)


Research Assistant, Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute.  (2 years)

  • Performed transcriptome analysis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder in lung cancer patients in R.
  • Wrote functions for use in lab to analyze TCGA data.
  • Publications forthcoming.

Developer, Bumster. (1 year)

  • Back-end app development with PHP and MYSQL.
  • Private alpha testing completed in Spring 2015.


  • R (2+ years)
  • HTML/CSS/PHP/MYSQL (2+ years)
  • UNIX/BASH/AWK (1 year)
  • SVG (4+ years)


    Bioinformatics, Data visualization, open source

Groups & Associations

    American Thoracic Society

Spoken Languages

    English, Portuguese