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Desired position type: Any
Location: Juiz de Fora Minas Gerais, Brazil

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I am a researcher at the Center for Research, Intervention, and Evaluation on Alcohol & Drugs, being responsible for writing and maintaining R code. I work with data wrangling (e.g., webscraping, SQL, Moodle) exploratory analysis of survey, questionnaire construction, and logs using open-source solutions. Also, I teach an introductory course on R for health sciences students.


  • Ph.D. in Psychology – Ongoing (Federal University of Juiz de Fora and University of Kansas, USA)
  • Masters in Psychology (Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil)
  • Bachelor in Psychology (Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil)

Selected courses

  • Computing for data analysis – Coursera
  • Data scientists’ toolbox – Coursera


  1. Center for Research, Intervention, and Evaluation on Alcohol & Drugs (Federal University of Juiz de Fora)
    • Selected Research Projects:
      1. Patterns of tobacco smoking in Brazil: an analysis of the National Research on Health 2013. (Ongoing)
        • Role: Researcher/Data Analyst.
        • Responsibilities: Analyze data, manage Github repository, write reports.
        • Link: Code is written in R.
        • Description: We aim in this project to find patterns of smoking among Brazilians using data from a national household survey. All code was written in R to improve reproducibility.
      2. Evaluation of online training on drug use prevention for public schools teachers in Southeast Brazil. (Ongoing)
        • Role: Researcher/Data Analyst.
        • Responsibilities: Data wrangling, Analyze data, manage Github repository, write reports and papers.
        • Link: Code is written in R and Shell. Comments are in Portuguese.
        • Description: I participated in the development of two questionnaires using the item response theory. Also, I worked with simple text mining and exploratory data analysis and tried to identify the causes of dropout among students.
      3. Viva sem Tabaco [Live without Tobacco] – an open-source web-based intervention for smoking cessation. (Ongoing)
        • Role: Researcher/Data Analyst/Developer.
        • Responsibilities: Team management,  data wrangling and analysis, manage Github repository, write reports and papers.
        • Link: Code is written in Java, Shell, and R. R Code used in the analysis is not available for the public.
        • Description: This project is related to my Masters and Ph.D thesis. I participated in the development of a web-based intervention and also created reports in R. In 2016, I will optimize the intervention using association rules, evaluate user satisfaction and A/B testing.
    • Teaching:
      1. Ninja’s course for the Health Sciences using R.
        • Role: Teacher
        • Link: – All course material available in Portuguese. Videos on my Youtube channel.
        • Description: In this 4-week course, I taught R basics, RStudio, descriptive analysis, visualization techniques, and basic psychometrics.
  2. Federal University of Sao Paulo
    • Research Projects
      1. Drinkless: a web-based intervention for binge drinkers.
        • Role: Researcher/Data Analysist
        • Responsibilities: data wrangling and analysis.
        • Link: Code is mainly written in English.
        • Description: I wrote code to fetch our Google Analytics data, import data from the database, run exploratory analysis, and create exploratory models.
      2. “Effectiveness of a Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention program for smokers”.
        • Role: Consultant/Data Analyst
        • Responsibilities: Assist Ph.D. student, teaching statistical approaches to be used in the research program.


  • R Programing (4 Years)
  • LaTex, Sweave (4 Years)
  • RMarkdown (3 Years)
  • mHealth (4 Years)
  • Shell (1 Year)
  • HTML5 (2 Year)
  • CSS3 (3Years)
  • Linux (6 Years)


    Data visualization, e-learning, Exploratory analysis, Generalized linear models, Item Response Theory, mhealth

Spoken Languages

    English, Portuguese