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Location: Kingston Tennessee, United States

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I have a Bachelor’s degree in Physics with a minor in Mathematics. I have over sixteen years’ experience industry with substantial experience performing mathematical, and statistical modeling of various physical processes. This experience has enabled me to gain diverse operational experience in several different nvironments. Most notably, ARIMA time series analysis and forecasting, various regression methods, uncertainty analysis, pattern detection using smoothing kernel estimation, correlation analysis, stochastic process modeling, and others. In addition, strong programming expertise in R and associated tools such as Rstudio,
Shiny, and multiple R libraries.


East Tennessee State University – 2001
B.S. in Physics with a minor in Mathematics with undergraduate research on Bose Einstein Condensation


Present Data Scientist, JEBW Enterprises  2014
Provide expertise performing R statistical analysis in multiple facets of data science, including analysis of Hive table data through Oracle Big Data Connector, setup and data processing through spark and R library sparkR, dashboard development using Shiny, provide guidance to others concerning data analysis techniques, HDFS file system management, and basic system administration.
Senior Technical Staff Member, Y-12 National Security Complex, Oak Ridge, TN  2014 –
Advised the NMC&A (Nuclear Material Control and Accounting) department on measurement controlissues, serve as department SME (Subject Matter Expert), develop statistical tools to capture andquantify instrumentation calibration uncertainties, measurement uncertainty determination,accountability measurement system qualification, development and application of statistical tools for tracking and trending, develop methods to capture random and systematic uncertainty values for
measurement processes, author procedures, author and review QC documents, and author and reviewtraining materials.
Lead Analyst/NDA Program Lead, Cabrera Services, Home Office 2013
Performed offsite data analysis and technical support for ongoing ISOCS (In-Situ Object Counting System) real-time scanning of trench walls and floor to determine extent of radiological contamination at the former McClellan AFB CS-10/ Consolidation Unit remediation project. Provided data analysis support through the use of advance statistics and mathematical modeling techniques. Utilized batching
algorithms to analyze, maintain, and manage large volumes of radioassay sample data. Determined correlations of gamma assay data to trench locations. Reviewed, revised, and authored Cabrera company-wide program documentation such as training materials, Cabrera quality assurance plan, program procedures, and technical contract proposal development.
Lead Analyst/Lab Manager, Cabrera Services, GE-United Nuclear Site, New Haven, CT 2012
Determine extent/nature of uranium contamination in excavations, developed contamination distribution models, collected data and performed required statistical analysis, overseen gamma-spec laboratory operations, maintaining consistent throughput of samples and analysis of data as required by customer.
Lead Analyst/Lab Manager, SLDA, Cabrera Services, Parks Township, PA
2011 – 2013
Provided laboratory oversight, developed statistical models, and analyzed data of gamma spectroscopy assays of SNM (Special Nuclear Material) content of exhumed. Utilized batching algorithms to analyze, maintain, and manage large volumes of radioassay sample data. Determined debris assay values using ISOCS instrumentation. Provided on and off site support making several tours.
Lead Analyst/Lab Manager, Cabrera Services, Schofield Barracks, Honolulu, HI
Determine extent/nature of DU (Depleted Uranium) contamination through statistical modeling, calculations, and sampling. Maintained current laboratory program to ensure NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) compliance. Oversight of soil sampling and gamma spectroscopy counting laboratory operations for $1.8M project involving Characterization and Scoping Surveys to identify human health,
environmental issues, and risk associated with the range burns.
Expert Analyst/Site Field Manager, Cabrera Services, Savannah River Site, Aiken, SC 2010-2011
Provide technical support on all areas of NDA. Managed site contract operations and reviewed data produced by technicians. Perform box mapping measurements using ISOCS. Serve as EA(Expert Analyst) distinguishing between TRU (Transuranic Waste) and LLW (Low Level Waste) waste data. Perform hazard analysis to determine industrial and radiological risk from non-compliance of defined job task. Projects
include TRU waste box mapping, LLW determination, and Pu (Plutonium) mass splitting.
Lead Analyst/Lab Technical Director, Cabrera Services, Linde FUSRAP Site, Home office 2010
Provided gamma spec lab operations and engineering technical support as Lab Technical Director for a $29.8M USACE project involving investigation and remediation of contaminated soil and replacement of subsurface utilities; developed analysis sequence algorithms to extract specific nuclides quantities from samples; performed analysis and modeling of gamma spectroscopy data.

Lead Analyst, Cabrera Services, Ft. Belvoir, Home office 2010
Performed characterization modeling of components for a reactor decommissioning project of the Former SM-1 deactivated Nuclear Power Plant. Executed analysis of radiological contents in piping and structures, developed characterization models, utilized ISOCS modeling software including Geometry Composer and Uncertainty Estimator to determine material quantities and associated uncertainty in
components, provided data and technical support for final characterization report.
NMC&A Engineer IV, Y-12 National Security Complex, Oak Ridge, TN 2007 -2009
Served as senior technical support in the Technical and Measurements Support Group. Advised the NMC&A department on measurement control issues, accountability measurement system qualification, process holdup measurements, solution measurements, and advise on the fabrication of physical nuclear measurement standards. Overseen and ensured measurement systems met statistical
accountability requirements and required uncertainty levels. Performed In-Situ gamma spectrometry using a trans-SPEC portable HPGE(High Purity Germanium Detector).
NDA Engineer II East Tennessee Technology Park, Oak Ridge, TN 2007
Oversee operators performing ISOCS, neutron measurements and was the lead engineer over one of the NDA shop areas, verified equipment calibrations, equipment control charts, and statistical data analysis. Performed holdup measurements in the field using sodium iodide detectors, neutron counters, and provided technical guidance to scanning teams in the field performing holdup measurements.
NDA Specialist, Nuclear Fuel Services, Erwin, TN 1999 – 2007
Wrote standard operating procedures, monitored and maintained calibration data through the use of statistics. Perform ISOCS measurements, maintain ORTEC ISOCART, perform technician and instrument operator training, process holdup program lead, Maintain routine instrument calibrations, and review technical data for other NDA personnel. Served as Project Health Physicist in decommissioning areas.


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