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Desired position type: Any
Location: Houston Texas, United States

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I am a masters student at Rice University in Houston Texas. I am interested in survival analysis, and I love to use R.


Rice University- Masters in Statistics

University of Missouri-Bachelors in Statistics


Breast Cancer Brain Metastases Survival Project                                                  May 2015-Present                                                                    MD Anderson Cancer Center- Department of Biostatistics

Graduate Research Assistant


  • Consultant and analyst for study done by clinicians in Breast Medical Oncology
  • Model survival in women with brain metastases from breast cancer
  • Apply multiple imputation for missing data with survival analysis under competing risks
  • Read, apply, and adapt current research methodologies to suit the projects needs



Bayes Fast Clustered Variable Selection Project                                            May 2014-August 2014                                                                    MD Anderson Cancer Center- Department of Biostatistics

Graduate Research Assistant


  • Write R package for Bayesian Clustered Variable Selection
  • Eliminate inefficiencies in old code by optimizing in R and Rcpp
  • Took runtime down from 7 days to 2 days
  • Collaborate with researchers in other institutions


Spatio-Temporal Statistics NSF-Census Research Network                               June 2012-November 2014

University of Missouri Department of Statistics

Undergraduate Researcher


  • Teach and learn with other researchers through the NSF ladder hierarchy
  • Collaborate with research peers on diverse projects
  • Collect and prepare data for fellow researchers
  • Primary author of research poster
    • STAR Model to Predict Median Household Income Changes Over

Recent Recession


Biophotonics Lab                                                                                                April 2011-June 2012

University of Missouri Department of Biological Engineering

Undergraduate Researcher / Data Entry Clerk and Participant Recruiter


  • Research the pupillary reflex response in children with autism
  • Recruit over 50 subjects to participate in study
  • Manage, maintain, and organize 900 GB of confidential subject data
  • Liaison between subject families and researchers
  • Coauthor of research paper detailing pupillary light reflex in children with and without autism
    • Daluwatte, J. H. Miles, S. E. Christ, D. Q. Beversdorf, A. Lofgreen, N. Berliner, G. Yao, “Age-dependent pupillary light reflex in children,” 34th Annual International Conference of IEEE-EMBS, San Diego, CA, Aug. 28- Sept. 1, 2012


  • R
  • Matlab


    Public speaking

Spoken Languages