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Desired position type: Any
Location: Waterford Waterford, Ireland

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I am a 28 years-old French engineer specialized in software development and data science. I am seeking employment in the fields of predictive modeling, machine learning and software engineering. I am open to relocate anywhere.


Rouen, France National Institute of Applied Sciences January 2011 – July 2014
Ph.D. in Computer Science at the National Institute of Applied Sciences
(INSA) of Rouen

Rouen, France National Institute of Applied Sciences Fall 2005 – Summer 2010
–  M.S.E. in Data mining & Machine Learning, June 2010.
–  B.S.E in Computer Science Engineering, June 2008.
–  Graduate Coursework: Machine and statistical learning theory and applications (clustering, generalised linear model,
logistic regression, random forest, SVM).
–  Undergraduate Coursework: Operating Systems, Databases, Algorithms, Programming Languages, Comp. Architecture.
–  ISO:9001 thesis project with the Xerox Research Center Europe: development of a Natural Language Processing
application that automatically proposes pertinent answers to emails.


Software engineer & Data scientist
French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)
Autumn 2014 – Spring 2015
Analysis of tandem mass spectrometry data for the identification of microorganisms in complex samples
–  Optimization of the prototype developed previously:
–  reduced time to render results by 33% by optimizing SQL database queries,
–  reduced memory consumption by 50% by replacing an in-memory process by a SQL database.

PhD student in Computer Science
Winter 2011 – Summer 2014
–  Software development, testing and validation of a prototype implementing a “Novel interpretation method of tandem
mass spectrometry data for the identification of microorganisms in complex samples”.
–  Patent registered at the European Patent Office on August 2013 (EP13306125.9).
–  Model selection and validation.
–  Sparse linear regression with L 1 regularisation (Lasso).
–  Scientific communication and patent writing.


  • Data science:
  • Expert in Python centred tools (Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, scikit-learn, NLTK)
  • R (Proficient), Matlab (Proficient), SQL (Proficient), Hadoop MapReduce ecosystem (Basic knowledge)
  • Data visualisation with ggplot2 (Proficient) and D3.js (Prior experience)
  • Expert in generating LaTeX reports / knittr reports / Ipython notebooks
  • Software engineering:
  • Python (Proficient), C/C++ (Prior experience), Java (Prior experience)
  • HTML, CSS, Jquery and Django framework (Prior experience)
  • Linux/Unix shell scripting (Proficient), Windows Powershell scripting (Prior experience)
  • Experience with Version Control (Git, SVN, Fossil)
  • Promoting agile and lean principles (Joel Spolsky’s test, Code Complete)


    IT architectures, Predictive modeling, Relational database management system, Software engineering

Spoken Languages

    English (professional), French (native), Spanish (professional)