R developer, Data Scientist

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Desired position type: Any
Location: Broomfield Colorado, United States

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Data Science professional with extensive in programming and data-driven decision making.

● Proficient in predictive analytics and statistical modeling of data, including Machine Learning
● Skilled in programming with R, C++, VBA, Python, SQL databases
● Proficient in data visualization and data mining
● Strong problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills.


Voronezh State Agricultural University, Voronezh, Russia, PhD in Economics
Voronezh State University, Voronezh, Russia, MS in Chemistry


DATA SCIENTIST, 02/2016 – present, Freelance, Broomfield, CO

  • Collaborate on data science for social good projects with local non-profits (Data for Democracy, Denver/Boulder chapters)
  • BioFrontiers Hackathon (CU, Boulder), May 2017 (Performed EDA for big EEG data in R: statistics, PCA, Autoencoder Networks) hackathon.colorado.edu
  • Developed open-source Neural Networks software packages for OpenOffice.org, MS Excel, etc.
  • Developed software tools using R to solve various business needs


DATA ANALYST, 10/2014 – 01/2016, Tapco-M, Moscow, Russia.

  • Forecasting sales using complex predictive models (neural networks, time-series analysis) and simulation
  • Created statistical models (Machine Learning algorithms, Regressions) and cluster groups (Kohonen maps, k-Means) for capture new markets
  • Performed and visualized analysis of the export-import databases with Tableau, pivot tables in Excel, etc.


MARKETING DATA ANALYST, 07/2006 – 09/2013, Felix, Moscow, Russia

  • Created complex predictive model (unsupervised and supervised learning, linear optimization) to develop successful marketing strategy for new product using custom software
  • Trained new team members to understand marketing data analysis concepts and processes and to more effectively use data analysis software tools
  • Created dashboards and reports for management (MS Excel, VBA, MS Axapta)
  • Developed algorithms and processes to perform data-driven decisions to optimize assortment.
  • Analyzed sales data and marketplace trends using time-series forecasting algorithms


POSTGRADUATE SCIENTIST, 10/2001 – 12/2004, VSAU, Voronezh, Russia

  • Built predictive models using unsupervised, supervised and autoencoder Neural Networks to urban land appraisal
  • Created spatial modelling tools combining neural networks and ArcGIS to calculate and visualize results (MS Visual C++/ActiveX, VBA) from scratch.