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Desired position type: Part-Time
Location: Mumbai Maharashtra, India

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My name is Lavita Singhania.
I’m from Mumbai. I’m currently working as a Data Scientist.
I have a rare combination of Engineering, Actuarial science (Statistics) and an MBA which makes me suitable for a profile of a data scientist.
I’m currently working in the product development department for expanding the capability of the the existing BI tool to advanced predictive analytics.
I have proficiency with tools such as Sql, R and SPSS. I’m learning Python libraries Numpy, SciPy.
My enthusiasm lies in problem solving and adding value to already existing processes, which makes me have a natural urge to innovate.
I love to observe, analyse and better things around me. For eg: I took all the possible routes to my office from home and collected a small data to analyse what will be a better time to leave and the shortest route from home to reach office just in time considering the unpredictable nature of traffic in Mumbai.
I also teach R programming and statistics to TyBsc students at St. Xaviers over the weekends.
I spend my free time volunteering for Art of Living courses, helping people meditate and live a stress free life.
I love to paint and create doodles which makes me a fine balance of right and left brain capabilities!

Thank you!


Over a 6 months tenure as a Data Scientist, worked on the below projects (Datamatics Global Services Ltd)

  • Being one of the founding members, worked across various departments such as Consultancy and Product Development in the Data Science team
  • Acquired expertise in Persistency analytics for Life Insurance and was actively involved in specific Technical Business proposal writing for Consultancy.
  • Developed and Tested working of various Algorithms, including – Time series models (Seasonal, Non-seasonal, ARIMA, Simple and Holt winter’s Exponential smoothing), Regression analysis (Multivariate Linear, Binary Logistic, Probit Modelling),Hypothesis Testing, Classification and Segmentation (K-means Clustering, Linear Discriminant Analysis) on the current BI Tool to increase its capability into Analytics

During my Internship I have worked on the following projects (Sankhya Analytical Research Pvt. Ltd.)

  • Worked on automating data driven decisions for the telecommunications and retail industry
  • Created real time data products/web based applications for understanding consumer behaviour, using R Programming (Shiny Platform)
  • Created a model for channel loyalty program using principal component analysis for the retail industry

Regime Switching Using Markov Switching Model in R (Freelance Project)

  • Created a model for enabling Indian WPI Inflation rates over 10 year period into a 3 regime switching model for forecasting the inflation rates
  • Created using the markov switching model and the ARIMA modelling for the lag variable of inflation rates



  • R Programming (>2.5 years)
  • Sql, SPSS
  • Learning Python