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Location: Thessaloniki Makedonia Thraki, Greece

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I am Kasvikis Efthymios and recently graduated from the Department of Business Informatics of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I consider myself a passionate user of shiny and also a quick learner.I just created my first Shiny Application for Euro league Players Benchmarking and graphical representation of their stats which you can find here: https://makiskasvikis.shinyapps.io/2016/


I graduated from University of Macedonia in 2013 getting my degree in Business Administration having acquired knowledge in various fields of economics such as Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Macroeconomics and Marketing and after fulfilling my military services, at this moment I am finishing my final year of education at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki where I have been working towards a Master’s Degree in Business Informatics. I expect to graduate in March, 2016 and therefore am eager to secure an exciting position like this.

My course has focused on a variety of specialist tools such as Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, Statistical Programming, creating Database Systems, simulating Economic Models among others. These have assisted me in broadening my knowledge while showing me the diverse side of Computer Science combined with Economic Sciences which I find fascinating.


Having chosen courses which were related to the field of Data Analytics I will soon finish my thesis statement on Archetypal Analysis of Professional Basketball players of Euro league, for the last fifteen years according to their performance in various statistical categories. Under this context I created an online application, using the statistical language R which aside of the Archetypal Analysis, presents a huge amount of statistical data through reactive graphs and charts. Despite my little experience on programming I rapidly adapted to this project and fulfilled it soon enough. Last but not least I soon hope to receive the Google Analytics and Google Adword certifications.


  • R – Shiny Studio

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    English (professional)