Data Scientist

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Desired position type: Freelance
Location: Lahore Punjab, Pakistan

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I am enthusiastic about the rapidly growing field of data science. Continuously learning and implementing machine learning algorithms, and statistical techniques on real-world datasets. The list of skill set keeps on growing day by day and this is exactly what keeps me going.


I expertise in:
– Data Preprocessing
– Data Visualization
– Exploratory Data Analysis
– Predictive Analytics/Machine Learning (Supervised/Unsupervised)
– R Programming
– Python
– Tableau
– Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio
– RapidMiner
– Weka


I am working as a research associate in Data Science Lab. of Information Technology University, Lahore, Pakistan. Currently working in collaboration with Punjab Information Technology Board on criminal data. The objective is to predict crime by using supervised/unsupervised learning.

I have also worked with a startup (Predictify.Me) for a year and a few months for a mid-managerial position, in a core team of its flagship product Hourglass. I have experience in Gathering, Cleaning, Analyzing data using R programming and assessing its market value.


  • R (less than 2 years),
  • Python (less than 1 year),
  • MYSQL (less than 1 year).
  • Tableau (less than 1 year).


    Critical Thinking, Problem solving, Team Management

Spoken Languages

    English (Fluent), Hindi/Urdu, Urdu