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Desired position type: Any
Location: Warszawa mazowieckie, Poland

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My goal is to participate in data projects as a data analyst. I am highly motivated to develop myself in the fields of data processing, big data and machine learning.


Post­Doc, Polish Academy of Science, Artificial Intelligence Institute

Warsaw, Poland — 2012­2013

This project was correlated to N ekst ­ the polish semantic web browser. My research included semantic parsing and its applications. My role was to focus on linguistic coordination, and semantic representation of coordinations. The formal tools to represent coordinated structures was called LFG grammar. I developed this grammar, dedicated to this environment purpose, called XLE.


● I developed a part of LFG grammar to parse problematic type of questions with ‘whomever’, ‘whomsoever’ or ‘whose’ particles.


Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, UMCS Lublin

PhD Philosophy of Language & Logic — 2007­2011

I did my PhD in semiotics and philosophy of language, I used first order predicate logic to represent ambiguity in deep structure (Chomsky).

Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, UMCS Lublin

MA Philosophy, Language and Communication — 2002­2 006
I did logic and semiotics specialisation. I graduated my study with honors in 4 years. I was a scholar of the Ministry of Education and Sports.


Getting and Clearing Data

I basically extract the measurements on the mean and standard deviation from Human Activity Recognition Using Smartphones Data Set (Machine Learning Repository).

Exploratory Data Analysis

My goal was to e xamine how household energy usage varies over a 2­day period in February, 2007. To do this I used base plotting system in R. I based on E lectric power consumption a nd National Emissions Inventory databases.

Statistical inference

In this project I used simulation to explore inference and to do some simple inferential data analysis. In particular.

Commercial experience

Test Automatization Engineer, YouGov

Warsaw ­ Poland — 2014­2015

I have worked in several projects in YouGov, the last is called Y ouGov Profiles. My role is to focus on quality control check by monitoring application and data state. To do this I write efficient and straightforward javascript end2end t ests i n node.js which runs on a Selenium server. My role is also to cooperate with London team and planning the test suites structure. I have to deeply understand how services communicate with each other and where a potential cause of bug may occur.


● I rebuilt and accommodated test structure to the application state QA Engineer, Samsung

Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, Lisbon, Warsaw — 2013

This project was related to V oLTE. My role was to support android engineers and qa engineers in Europe. In my daily work in an international team I showed communication capabilities.


● I participated in R CS TestFest­ Project Meta#2.5


  • R, RStudio, Git, Data Processing, Data Mining, Shell Script, basic SQL