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Desired salary: $150,000.00
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Fredericton New Brunswick, Canada

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• Seeks challenging research and development opportunity to develop groundbreaking statistical modeling tools that employ big data to solve real world problems using predictive analytics.

• 35 years experience in Research and Development, publishing scientific literature, mentoring, project management, administration, and teaching
• Directly led 61 staff over 7 successful information technology R&D projects total worth $9M, with small, medium and large firms including Bell Canada, Agfa Healthcare, Kibboko.
• Collaborative, focused and productive teams.
• Leveraged 5x funding for partners from CANARIE and Growthworks.
• Network includes government research labs, funding agencies: NRC, IRAP, ACOA, NSERC, MITACS, and CANARIE.
• Strong development skills for web, SOA, statistical modeling, R
• Dissemination 75 papers, 40 talks, 50 university courses
Highly qualified personnel (17Masters, 5 Ph.D.)


1986-90 PhD, University of Waterloo, artificial intelligence, plan recognition, automated reasoning, belief revision.

1981-83 Master’s, University of Waterloo, natural language, knowledge representation, logic programming.

1976-80 Bachelor’s, Dalhousie University, mathematics, automated theorem proving.


Fiddlehead Technology                                                                      Moncton and Fredericton, NB
Lead Data Scientist (April 2014 – Oct 2015)

  • Designed and developed demand forecast system for frozen food using predictive analytics
  • Improved forecasting by using non-linear solver to tune time series models

UNB Faculty of Computer Science                                                                           Fredericton, NB
Senior Research Scientist and Lecturer (Sept 2013 – April 2014)

  • Designed, implemented visualization showing Twitter data by topic on map
  • Created, taught Social Network Analyses course, collaboration with Faculty of Business, NRC

Introhive                                                                                                                     Fredericton, NB

Research and Architecture Team Lead (Feb – August 2013)

  • Co-developed technology to arrange meetings through contacts
  • Acquired funding for advanced analytics project

National Research Council of Canada, Institute for Information Technology
Fredericton, NB

Senior Research Officer (Sept 2001– Feb 2013)

  • Founded and led the Internet Logic group, and led the following projects:
  • 2009-12 Radiation Exposure Monitoring and dose registry project monitors ionizing radiation from diagnostic tests, profiles dose history, assesses patient risk, classifies rare and high doses, assesses guideline compliance, analyzes textual reports. 30 months, $4M.

    : Led 34 NRC staff. Procured and managed staff, analyzed customer requirements, sole creator of initial design, coordinated detailed designs, designed knowledge-based system, designed guideline compliance system, analyzed open source licenses, documented components, coordinated all documentation, accommodated midstream changes to required deliverables, liaised with client, ethics board, professional healthcare associations and government bodies.Impact: Allows physicians to assess risk associated with cumulative radiation, draws attention to high and/or rare doses. Agfa converted our prototype to commercial product IMPAX-REM within 8 months.
  • 2008-11 Health Services Virtual Organization project provides immersive multisite collaborative medical training. 24 months. NRC rec’d $0.5M of CANARIE $2.0M.

    : Led 8 NRC staff. Procured and managed staff, analyzed requirements, collaborated on design of underlying SOA system (SAVOIR), liaised with client, partners & ethics board, analyzed open source licenses, oversaw lightpath integration, specified format and semantics of messages, prepared and delivered papers, demos and documentation.Partners: Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Communications Research Ctr, McGill Univ, Univ of Wisconsin, consulting companies, four medical schools.Impact: Training sessions integrated six sites in Canada, USA, Ireland (82 faculty and students), open source release of code that provides training sessions. Master’s thesis.
  • 2008-9 Business Domain Ontology Development Framework provides tools to extract business ontology from documents. ACOA $3.6M. NRC under contract.
    Tasks: Led one staff. Created ontology validation prototype for closed-world reasoning.Partners: UNB Computer Science with Exigen Corp.Impact: Client withdrew. Completed prototype used in Master’s and two PhD theses.
  • 2007 ReCIRC project recommends promotional material, based on customer intelligence, ratings and behavior, addresses cold start problem using 2-dimensional co-clustering to define niches, and online learning to track changing interests. NRC rec’d licensing revenue and $0.05M.Tasks: Led 5 NRC staff. Procured, educated and managed staff, performed competitive scan, developed original concept, procured initial funding, compressed 15 month project into 9 months, supervised two Master’s theses.Impact: 90% prediction accuracy. PinpointSelling, rebranded as Kibboko, adopted our business direction, licensed code, hired students, raised $5M VC, released two online marketing products.
  • 2005-7 Eucalyptus project provides collaborative participatory design studio which integrates software from Autodesk, visualization services from IBM, videoconferencing from Pleora, over CANARIE’s lightpaths. NRC rec’d $0.2M of CANARIE $1.2M.Tasks: Led 5 staff. Procured and managed staff, original architecture, prepared publications, demos.Partners: Carleton University, Communications Research Ctr.Impact: collaborative design studio provided virtual old Montreal to architects. ORION Award. Licensed to Carleton. Code was adopted by our HSVO project.
  • 2004-6 inDiscover / inCommune projects provide tools to support independent music industry, helping musicians find fans. NRC rec’d $0.4M and licensing revenue.Tasks: Led 8 staff. Hardened initial collaborative filtering prototype to meet client’s traffic requirements, generated bilingual version, incorporated fuzzy clustering of fans and crowd sourcing tools for composing playlists, managed development through four releases to client.Partners: Bell/Sympatico MSN.Impact: inDiscover sponsored the Canadian Independent Music awards, was licensed and run by Bell Canada, now by Orange Records. Also licensed to companies Kibboko and GreenNexxus.

Professor of Computer Science                                                                                   Fredericton, NB

Professor (Sept 1990 – Present) Full Professor in 1999. Adjunct professor since 2002.

  • Supervised 17 Master’s and 5 PhD students, supported by my $226,605 NSERC grants.
  • 1991-1993 Contracts with Martin-Marietta $209K and Bell-Northern Research, $30K.


  • R – 4 years experience
  • Ontologies – won 2013 International OWL Reasoner competition
  • Statistics


    Data Science, Team Leadership

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    Data Science, Team Leadership

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