Data Analyst/Statistician

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Desired salary: $50,000.00
Desired position type: Any
Location: Brookline Massachusetts, United States

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I graduated from University of Washington on Seattle campus with B.A Math degree, then I keep presume my academic interesting on Boston University, Focus on Statistical Practices. I have done one name matching project, one financial time series project on Soy bean future.

I am an adaptable Data Analyst who can adept at recording, interpreting and analyzing data in a fast-paced environment. Proficient in all aspects of Excel, and experienced with detailed document and report preparation and complex internal and external data analysis responsibilities.

I am looking for a Statistician / Data Analyst position. I expect to graduate in May 20, and will be available to start employment in June, 2016.


Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts                                                 Since Fall 2015 enrolled in the M.S. program in Statistics Practice


University of Washington, Seattle, Washington                                        March 2015

B.A. Mathematics


Boston University Boston, MA

Since Sept 2015

Student Consultant.

weekly consulting hour, processor walk in consulting project.

Address long term consulting project .

Softstar Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd,

Beijing, China

Summer  2015  Business Analytic Intern

Increased website traffic and customer conversion rate by optimizing products dis- plays on the web page. Collected data error testing and processed the collected data

Riverside Investment Development Company,   Beijing,China                                                                                                                               Summer 2014

Assistant Analyst Intern, Investment Department

  • Chose economic assessment indicators and analyzed the main influence factors of by conducting regression and T test based on the dataset of the year 2013
  • Applied portfolio optimization by finding a point effective interface and effective function to diverse investment and reduce the risk.

China Minsheng Banking,

Beijing, China                                                                                                                               Summer 2013

Assistant Analyst Intern, Department of Corporate Business

  • Processed the collected data of clients characteristics, including gender, age, occupation, income, card consumption and employed cluster analysis to classify clients to four levels;
  • applied the model to design rules to seek the target   customers   based   on   described   condition.
  • Built neural network model due to the different information of clients to select the marketing strategy of clients in variable types for the bank


  • R(2 year experiences)
  • SAS(1 year experience)
  • SQL(1 year experience)
  • Tableau(1 year experience)



Spoken Languages

    Chinese, English (professional)