R programmer for a non-profit

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Desired position type: Any
Location: Paramus New Jersey, United States

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My name is Rich and I am interested in doing an R project for a non-profit. I was a C/C++ programmer for 20 years before leaving the software world to become an accountant. I have been learning R on my own and want to find a project to do in my spare time (I work full time) to sharpen up my R skills.


I have a BSEE from Brooklyn Polytechnic plus 20 years experience in C/C++ code development. I also hold an MBA in Accounting from Rutgers. I have a full time job auditing software based research. I want to do an R project (R studio+Shiny) to get my skills sharper in my spare time. I am not looking for pay, just for an opportunity to learn by doing.

I also hold a BS degree in Biology.


I work as both a software engineer and an accountant. In the past I was a developer for many years, a field application engineer in instrumentation and telecom, and an architect /developer of a SaaS application and also a distributed realtime telecom application.


I am not looking for a new job. Rather I am interested in expanding my skills.


  • C/C++ 20 years
  • auditing 10 years
  • Advanced Excel 10 years


    auditing, Economics, Public speaking