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Location: Los Angeles California, United States

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Undergraduate Statistics major at UCLA. Very good with big data, stats, R, python, and predictive modeling.


University of California – Los Angeles

Statistics Major


Intern – Gem

  • Locally hosted blockchain node consisting of data from over 90 million transactions and scripted functions in Python to call and store epoch time series transactions and block data, as well as fees paid per transaction.
  • Developed a fundamental understanding of the blockchain in order to properly run statistical models and hypothesis on data and predicted the time needed for miners to verify a transaction given the fees paid to the network.
  • Experienced with HTML web scraping and data mining using APIs in JSON format.
  • Worked closely with the CFO to manage an automated customer lifestyle platform involving gathering data on leads and managing quality structured data.
  • Used Google Analytics to graph, track, and record customer response/acquisition based based on methods similar to A/B testing to maximize customer conversion and retention.
  • Orchestrated and researched applications of blockchain technology on the healthcare industry and brainstormed/developed applications with head of product and CFO in a collaboration with Capital One.

SECOND PLACE (Visualization) – UCLA DATAFEST / 2015
Analyzed 1.4 TB of consumer data from, using Random Forest to determine the leading variables affecting customer conversion from leads to sales and recommended optimal allocation and display of ads.


  • By order of proficiency: R, Python, SQL, APIs, C++, MATLAB
  • Familiar Libraries: dplyr, ggplot2, randomForest, H2o, markdown, magrittr, pandas, Scikit-learn, matplotlib

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