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Desired position type: Freelance
Location: Albuquerque New Mexico, United States

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Electrical engineer with background in programming and data analysis. Strong database and statistical analysis skills for yield enhancement and analysis. Experience in the creation and maintenance of quality maintenance systems such as ISO 9000. Excellent oral and written communication skills with program management and functional management experience.


Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
M.S. Electrical Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
S.B. Electrical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


University of New Mexico
2350 Alamo Ave SE Suite 300
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Research Professor

• Contractor with AFRL (Space Vehicles Directorate, Space Electronics Branch)
• Provided analysis of heavy ion radiation data of GaN RF devices using R and ggplot2. Program is evaluating current GaN devices for possible use in GPS satellites. Analysis increases speed of analysis, reading entire folder of raw data to data frame designed for R analysis and graphics.

Libration Systems
2700 Yale Boulevard SE Suite 200
Albuquerque, NM 87106
• Contractor with AFRL (Space Vehicles Directorate, Space Electronics Branch)
• Completed 200 page final report on Electrical Protection of Space Assets (EPSA) program to meet AFRL standards
• Provided GaN background to assist GaN radiation testing program at AFRL

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
801 Leroy Place
Socorro, NM 87801
Senior Research Scientist

• Contractor with AFRL (Space Vehicles Directorate, Space Electronics Branch)
• Developing research program in radiation effects and reliability of emerging materials (including GaN) for satellite applications
• Won $6.1M 3-year program for protection of space electronics against electromagnetic weapons. Lead writer on proposal. Awarded FY 2010.
• Wrote Satellite Designer’s Guide for protection of satellites against electromagnetic weapons
• Initiated GaN Radiation Effects program with NRL (POC Brad Weaver). Application is solid state power amplifiers for satellite communications.

L-3 Communications
Pulse Science Division
2700 Merced
San Leandro, CA
Staff Physicist 2008-2009

• Worked with subcontractors on development of unique SiC on Si growth technology. Responsibilities included materials characterization, solar device modeling, design of next generation growth platform and program management. C++ Programming

Mississippi State University
Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems
Starkville, MS
Research Engineer 2004-2008 (5 direct reports)

• Supervised development of test, packaging and reliability assessment of SiC VJFETs.
• PI for AFRL contract for development of SiC VJFET device technology (Total value $5.5 M).
• Won contract with UQM (Value $550 k) for delivery of IGBT drop-in replacement modules with SiC VJFETs for use in hybrid vehicles.
• Implemented first SiC VJFET reliability assessment program for MSU/SemiSouth.
• Developed qualification criteria for release of new product lines by SemiSouth.
• Investigated burn-in procedures for elimination of infant mortality.
• Established thermal resistance measurements for SiC VJFETs by working with outside contractor.

Martin Semiconductor
Albuquerque, NM
President 2002-2004

• Consulting engineering, clients include Qynergy, Inc. (Albuquerque, NM), Osemi, Inc. (Rochester, MN) and Triton Systems, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA). Developed material characterization plans, analyzed X-ray diffraction spectra, developed physical device models using software from Gateway Modeling, wrote proposals for government funding. Funding proposals included solar cell development.

Emcore Optical Devices
Albuquerque, NM
Test Manager 2000-2002 (11 direct reports)

• Supervised engineering and production for on-wafer test group.
• Reorganized young and inexperienced organization for greater effectiveness.
• Removed test as a production bottleneck by ramping production from two probers to eight.
• Increased prober reliability by establishing first effective maintenance program.
• Eliminated misprobing as a major cause of visual yield loss.
• Supervised move to new facility without a single day of downtime.
• Documented processes for successful completion of initial ISO 9001 registration audit.
• Created first yield reporting system, including control charts, process capability analysis and failure analysis reporting.
• Conducted statistical analysis of fab experiments for yield improvement efforts.

Emcore Photovoltaics
Albuquerque, NM
Staff Scientist 1998-2000

• Established materials characterization capability at startup facility, including Polaron, X-ray, photoluminescence, Surfscan and Hall effect.
• Established operational procedures for characterization of double and triple junction solar cell material.
• Documented processes for successful completion of initial ISO 9001 registration audit.
• Created initial database for growth, characterization and final test data including SPC charting.
• Used database to find yield limiters and set specifications on acceptance of epitaxially grown material.

Sanders, a Lockheed Martin Company
Microwave Space and Mission Electronics, Nashua, NH
Principal Electrical Engineer 1996-1998

• Performed TCAD heterostructure device modeling and design using SEMICAD from Dawn Technologies. Designed a PHEMT for linear operation, predicted to establish a new record for linearity figure of merit (Ip3/PDC) with minimal noise figure penalty.
• Refined procedure for X-ray diffractometry analysis of GaAs and InP based PHEMTs, including measurements of tilt and partial relaxation in metamorphic AlGaAsSb layers.
• Documented processes for successful completion of initial ISO 9001 registration audit
Lockheed Martin (originally GE Aerospace)
Electronics Laboratory, Syracuse, NY
Sr. Materials Engineer, 1993-1996
Materials Engineer 1986-1993

• Increased test throughput by 300% and eliminated material waste by developing a nondestructive contact technique for characterization of multilayer structures by multiple field Hall effect. This work was instrumental in transition from processing half inch squares to three inch wafers.
• Increased sensitivity of photoluminescence (PL) system by 3-5 orders of magnitude. Demonstrated the measurement of electron sheet density in the pseudomorphic HEMT channel by low temperature PL. Developed PL lineshape models at low temperature and room temperature.

Groups & Associations

    IEEE, Senior member