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Desired position type: Freelance
Location: São Paulo São Paulo, Brazil

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With BA in Psychology, M. Sc. in Visual Neuroscience and PhD candidate in Marketing at FEA-USP, I have large professional experience working in three main areas: Research, Consultancy and Education

I work in researches that provide insights about consumer behavior through visual tracking technology (Eyetracker). With the generated information I can understand which aspects of the produced materials attracts attention and will be remembered by the consumer, providing accurate data for decision making.

Currently I am developing a new line of research interest in my PhD Project, using neuroscientific technologies for decision making in Organizations, particularly in the study of Ergonomics and Consumer Behaviour.


PhD Candidate – FEARP-USP

Master in Visual Neuroscience IP-USP

Specialization in Data Science – John Hopkins

Specialization in Psychological Exams – USC

BA in Psychology – UNESP/SP


10 year in Market Research (GfK, Ipsos, TNS, Unilever, SKY TV, Hypemarcas)


  • R language


    Data Science - John Hopkins