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Location: Toronto Ontario, Canada

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Statistical and Spatial Data Analysis, R / Python Programming, Six Sigma Black Belt, Quality Engineering


Master of Science in Physics and Astronomy, York University- Toronto, Ontario

Full-time graduate-level program including courses in numerical methods, dynamical systems, statistical physics, fluid dynamics, relativity, remote sensing, advanced modeling for GIS, astronomical techniques

Master of Spatial Analysis, Ryerson University- Toronto, Ontario (in process, thesis defended)

Academic program focused on spatial analysis, geostatistics and GIS

Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics, University of Bucharest- Bucharest, Romania

Full time undergraduate program including courses in advanced calculus, nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, relativity and electrodynamics


Xagenic Inc.- Toronto, Ontario, June/2015 to May/2016

Privately held, startup developer of fully-automated molecular diagnostics platforms

Data Analyst- Product Development:

  • Provided decision support for R&D and Manufacturing insuring R/JMP integration for feature extraction, limit of detection (LOB, LOD, LOQ) analysis and data visualization

  • Recommended lot acceptance sampling strategy and assisted with the transfer of technology from R&D according to the ICH, FDA and EU regulatory guidelines

  • Initiated the development and implementation of MS SQL Server database

Achievements involving R, JMP(SAS) and Machine Learning:

  • Reduced research cycle by automating collection, batch processing and feature extraction from scan data stored in numerous Excel archives

  • Created a diagnostic error model selection tool based on machine learning concepts and measures of prediction efficiency (ROC, AUC)

  • Supported manufacturability improvement through screening, experiment design and sample size calculation

Center for Addiction and Mental Health- Toronto, Ontario, January/2015 to April/2015

Canada’s largest addiction and mental health teaching hospital

Spatial Data Analyst- Practicum Student:

  • Processed StatCan, DAD and NACRS data

  • Provided GIS and spatial analysis support in evaluating the mental health provincial Drug Treatment Funding Program projects

Ryerson University Geo-computation Lab, Toronto, Ontario, June/ 2014 to Sept/2015

A distinctively urban university with focus on innovation and entrepreneurship

Research Assistant (GIS and Spatial Analysis):

  • Supported GIS spatial analysis projects

  • Researched effect of data aggregation on mutual information using self-organizing maps

  • Contributed R scripts and analyses to undergraduate- level spatial analysis textbook

York University- Toronto, Ontario, Sept/2011 to May/2013

Canada’s third largest university with 11 faculties and 28 research centers

Teaching Assistant (Physics):

  • Conducted and supervised Physics laboratory experiments for undergraduate students

  • Advised and assisted undergraduate students in building empirical models from experimental data

Cameco Fuel Manufacturing Inc.- Port Hope, Ontario, Nov/2001 to March/2010

Canadian manufacturer of CANDU nuclear fuel, reactor components and neutron flux detectors

Quality Assurance Engineer:

  • Developed quality procedures for nuclear fuel under the CAN-Z299
  • Developed safety procedures for Slightly Enriched Uranium fuel

  • Contributed statistical analyses to R&D and cost reduction projects

  • Implemented reactive (OoC) and preventive (Runs Tests) SPC
  • Designed, developed and validated novel inspection equipment

Achievements involving experimental design and predictive modeling:

  • Won manufacturing bid by demonstrating within-budget assembling capability at 0.02 ppm

  • Accelerated prototype development by creating novel, contact-free automated inspection systems capable of real-time data collection and processing

  • Increased 1,700% the detection power of in-process inspection and reduced 90% inspection time/ item by introducing novel automated inspection and data collection system

Getty Inspection Inc.- Belleville, Ontario, March/2002 to Jan/2003

Private NRC-IRAP contractor developing non- destructive aircraft wheel rim scanner

Prototype Developer (Contract):

  • Developed an air-cushioned eddy current scanning probe, driven by a robotic arm

Achievements using statistical analysis and robust design:

  • Improved detection capability with respect to air velocity, vibrations, distance and inclination relative to the wheel rim features

  • Re-designed the staging process achieving 50% reduction of wheel rim loading time

Bombardier Aerospace Inc.- Toronto, Ontario, Sept/1999 to Jan/2001

Global leader in the design and manufacturing of business, commercial and specialized aircraft

Six Sigma Black Belt, Change Agent:

  • Contributed to the deployment of six sigma methodology through identification of production cost-saving opportunities

  • Liaised with champions, coached cross-functional teams and moderated six sigma workshops

  • Led improvement and cost-saving projects

Achievements using problem-solving and statistical analysis:

  • Saved over 2 million CAD production costs through DMAIC projects

  • Eliminated 20 million CAD backlog by redirecting and reorganizing available resources into a lean, self-sustaining, short-cycle, on-demand-delivery spare parts shop


  • R Programming (4 years)


    Product and process improvement

Spoken Languages

    English, French, Romanian