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Desired position type: Any
Location: Gurgaon Haryana, India

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I work at Snapdeal (leading e-commerce firm in India) as an Analyst.I have been doing impactful job in the Gurgaon, Haryana office in analytics domain, just after graduating from IIT Bombay. I am highly proficient with Data Science and R and my interests lie with that and I am trying to build up a career in the field.
I have been using DS and ML at my end for over 2 years now.


 Graduation IIT Bombay, India 7.56/10 2015
 XII CBSE 85.80% 2011
 X CBSE 95.40% 2009


BUSINESS ANALYST | Snapdeal | Leading E-Commerce
Jul ’15 – Present
India’s largest online marketplace for businesses , The World’s Most Valuable Global Private Tech Company
 Built popularity based and personalized product recommender system for users on purchase and view history, increasing the RoI on targeted campaigns by 25% (approx.)
 Clustering for Laptops to identify influential KPIs, sensitivity analysis using GLM to determine gain of each metric
 Top down forecast at planning level basis seasonality profiles and sales trend, bottom up forecast as SKU/POG level basis regression and product life cycle.
 Driven active users for FMCG and Books categories by analysing the customer behaviour, conducting A/B test, experimenting cross/up sell, leading to three fold increment in existing customer base to 1 mn monthly active users
 Developed marketing mix models to allocate marketing funds across digital channels, for higher RoI
 Implemented Market Basket Analysis to lift average daily sales above the benchmark, from INR 1.2 Cr to INR 1.7 Cr
 EOQ and ROP methods to optimize inventory for FMCG, minimize stock out losses and service 100% demand, conserved INR 2 mn on daily average
 Built customer segmentation models [CART,CHAID] and using association rules for targeted campaigns (newsletters and app notifications) and identification of potential buyers across Snapdeal
 Know-How: Business Intelligence, R, Python, SQL, Advanced Excel, Adobe Omniture, Vertica, Machine Learning


  • R(2 Years)
  • Python
  • Shiny
  • SQL
  • Data Science
  • Analytics
  • Machine Learning


    Data Science and Analytics

Spoken Languages

    English, Hindi