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Desired position type: Freelance
Location: Bowie Maryland, United States

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A Data Scientist with three years experience working with the US Federal Government. Work tasks included statistical analysis of large data sets, some data visualization, and working with GIS data in a PostGres SQL database.

I also have one year experience working as a founder and CTO of a IoT startup. I did the hardware design, wrote firmware utilizing a mesh network, and 3D printing of a prototype.


  • B.S. Physics, Computer Science concentration, University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • M.S. Applied Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University


Data Scientist, JTA/FAA US  Federal Government Contractor, 2011-2014

  • Parsed raw communication and radar data directly from system source into useful format for analysis.
  • Performed regression analysis on various data sets, including but not limited to radar and aircraft communication data.
  • Developed supporting tutorial documentation various tool set products for end users.
  • Worked on a team of engineers to develop toolsets to process and visualize radar data to assist high level analysts and government personnel in decision making.
  • Perform Risk Adjusted Cost/Benefit analysis for financial investments for future projects.
  • Utilized Monte Carlo methods and other statistical techniques to extrapolate results from various communication systems performance case studies.
  • Developed an automated queuing delay model for analysis of communication system performance.
  • Developed a series of queries, mathematical coordinate system transformations, and Perl/SQL scripts to process raw radar and airspace data for display in Google Earth.
  • Utilized a series of SQL queries, MATLAB scripts, and excel spreadsheets to collect, process, and present financial impact of various government projects.
  • Conducted training sessions to teach end users how to use company produced software. Task included preparing lesson plans, demonstrations, and basic lecture.

PLUTO, Founder and CTO, 2015-Present

  • Developed firmware for microcontrollers utilizing Bluetooth and NFC.
  • Modified and continued development of a mesh network for communication between numerous microcontrollers.
  • Developed an Android app to communicate and control electronics via Bluetooth.
  • Designed hardware schematics and PCB layout for electronic devices.
  • Designed a 3D printable plastic casing for prototyping purposes.


  • R (4 years Experience)
  • MATLAB (6 years Experience)
  • GIS (3 years Experience)
  • PostGRES SQL (3 years Experience)
  • Java
  • C
  • C++


    Data Science, R

Spoken Languages

    English (native)