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BS  in Statistics

National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF). Buenos Aires, Argentina


Diploma in Data Analysis for market research, finances and business.

Interamerican University (UAI). Buenos Aires, Argentina

May 2015 December 2015.



(Nursing Home of Jude Comunity).  June 2017  – Today.

Ø  Design of statistical information systems for Admissions, Residents and Human Resources department.

Ø  Daily reports for the Director of the Nursing Home with the most relevants indicators.

Ø  Reports automation.

Ø  Design of satisfaction surveys.

Ø  Software applied: MS Office.



       (Public opinion research agency). January – March 2017

Ø  Text mining technics applied to customer satisfaction surveys.

Ø  Churn models of bank products using customer comments and quantitative variables of the surveys.

Ø  Software applied: R and Rapid Miner.



(October 2015  – December 2016)

Ø  Statistical analysis of data bases, applying different tools of data mining. Predictive and descriptive models. Plots. Advice about presentations of statistical information for different purposes


Ø  SwiftSwim INC. Company that develops mobile applications for swimmers. –

·         Descriptive analysis of the variables of the data base (Lap Start, Lap End, Lap Total, Swim Style and Num. of Strokes of different swimmers).

·         Develop of swolf index that shows the swimmer performance along time.

·         Plots of the items above.

·         Contingency table with the purpose of analyze the relation between the swolf index and the swimming style. For this task, I used the Odds Ratio indicator.



Ø  Gente de mente – market research company.

·         Analysis of multiresponse surveys for education purposes.

·         Data base cleaning.

·         Association rules applied to the data base.

·         Plots of the items described.


Ø  Asociación Civil Puentes

 (NGOs dedicated to the assistance and support of university students). – From February to May 2016.

 Advice on surveys carried out to students of the organization

  • Analysis and research of statistical information from the education area and reports for different purposes.


  • 1. Statistical methods applied to researches.
  • a. Segmentation techniques (clusters).
  • b. Design of probabilistc samples.
  • a. Design and analysis of surveys for different purposes. (marketing, health, demographic, etc)
  • 2. Predictive models.
  • a. Linear, logistic, multinomial and ordinal multinomial regressions.
  • b. Forecasting of time series.
  • c. Decision trees.
  • d. Bayesian inference.
  • 3. Others statistical methods.
  • a. Generalized linear models.
  • b. Robust methods in data analysis.
  • c. Non parametric statistics.
  • d. DoE and ANOVA.
  • e. Web scraping.
  • f. Sentiment analysis, text mining and social network analysis.
  • g. Design of recommendation systems.
  • h. Association rules.


    data base cleaning, GIS, nlp, R, SPSS, SQL, Web Scrapping

Spoken Languages

    English -- very effectively, Spanish (native)