Data Analyst

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Desired salary: $50,000.00
Desired position type: Any
Location: Navi Mumbai Maharashtra, India

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• Over 1.9 years of rich experience in the Data Analytics/Risk Management.

• Involved in all phases of Data Analytics – Data Exploration, Data Analysis , Building Predictive model and Visualization

• Developed Complex methods for identifying risks and enhancing productivity.

• Possess excellent interpersonal, communication and analytical skills.

• A systematic, organized, hardworking team builder with an analytical blend of mind reliable as a fully contributing, responsible & accountable member of task/project teams.



















Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance



Branch Productivity Analysis



·         R

·         Tabeleau

The aim of the project was to identify the factors hindering the growth of the Branches and Projecting to the department head for further improvement


Agent Analysis



·         R

·         SQL

·         Excel

The analysis was aimed to improve the sales productivity of the agents and looking for patterns in the data for the agent churn



Customer Persistency



·         R

·         SQL

·         Tabeleau


– The project was aimed to build a predictive model for forecasting the customer persistency towards the renewal premium to be paid for every instalment using customer demographics and other external data sources



Customer Risk Profiling



·         R

·         SQL

·         Microsoft Azure

·         Tableau

The aim of this Project was to develop a system that would help in identifying good customers through scoring the risk and claim propensity through a machine learning model and giving Insights to make decisions.





Market Basket Analysis



·         R

·         SQL

This project was started from my own STARTUP where we built models for supermarkets for analysing customer buying patterns and trends.



  • R(2 Years rich experience) , Tableau , Python, SQL

Spoken Languages

    English (professional)