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Location: Washington District of Columbia, United States

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ECMp, ERMp, R Programmer, Data Scientist


Data Science Specialization Certification
August 2015 to Present
Johns Hopkins University, Coursera License 3BZ3TB43SAR6

Formulating context-relevant questions, and hypotheses, to drive data scientific research. * Identifying, obtaining, and transforming a data set to make it suitable for the production of statistical evidence communicated in written form. * Statistical Programming in the R programming language. * Building models based on new data types, experimental design, and statistical inference


ECMp, Enterprise Content Management Practitioner
September 2008 to Present
AIIM International License ECM-84463
Identifying ways to capture, analyze, engage, automate, and govern enterprise content. * Developing necessary content taxonomies, metadata, and security models. * Defining business and system requirements for enterprise content management.
ERMp, Electronic Record Management Practitioner
October 2008 to Present
AIIM International License ERM-84613
Identifying, capturing, classifying, transferring, and disposing electronic records. * Developing business classification schemes, controlled vocabularies, and metadata models for managing records over their lifecycle. * Leveraging content analytics and metadata, to automate management of electronic records. * Planning defensible and secure retention, and disposition, of electronic records. * Defining business and system requirements for ERM programs.


Data Scientist
ContextBase – Wheaton, MD
January 2013 to Present
Data Science, R Programming, Data Consulting, and Online Software Consulting.
My consultancy, ContextBase, is a product of extensive experience and proficiency in Data Management for enterprise efficiency, and effectiveness. ContextBase, (, is available on a consulting basis for Data Science, R Programming, Data Management, Online Database Optimization, and Migration projects.
Examples of Data Science, and R Programing, projects with my consultancy, ContextBase, are at, and
Predictive Analytics Machine Learning Trading Analysis Twitter Sentiment Analysis Time Series Analysis Propensity Score Matching Natural Language Processing Webscraping Localization App Development


  • Data Science, R programming, Management, Github, AzureML, Juypter Notebooks, Tableau, Data Analysis, Enterprise Content Management, Records Management, Business Intelligence,, Training, Business Process Improvement, Microsoft Office, Office 365, Convio, Joomla, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, C#