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Pablo Maldonado

Resume posted by jpmaldonado in IT.

Desired position type: Freelance
Location: Prague Prague, Czechia

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I am an applied mathematician and data scientist with over 5 years of experience in development and deployment of analytical models, either for research or commercial purposes.

My areas of specialization are credit scoring, churn modelling, fraud detection and natural language processing / text mining. My technical stack includes R/Shiny and Python, as well as familiarity with web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS) and MS Office.


  • PhD in Applied Mathematics, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, (FR)
  • MSc in Industrial Mathematics, TU Kaiserlautern (DE) and JKU-Linz (AT)


Freelance Data Scientist:

Working for different clients across the globe. Digital Marketing, Fraud and ad-hoc mathematical modelling (IFRS, implementing algorithms from scientific papers for building prototypes).

Big 4 Consulting Company:

Development of analytical solutions for our clients, primarily in telco (credit scoring) and banking (money laundering, dispute analysis, IFRS, KYC). Using R and Shiny, with custom modifications (CSS, D3).

Data Scientist at a Major Telecommunications Operator in Central Europe:

In charge of the full machine learning pipeline, from data collection to development of scoring models for estimating of sociodemographic attributes and interest segments of the customer base, using the internet browsing history. Use of the latest NLP technologies for development and production (Python stack)


  • R (3+ years)
  • Shiny (3+ years)
  • Python (3+ years)

Spoken Languages

    Czech (A2), English, French, German (A2), Italian (A2), Spanish