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Computational biologist/Data scientist

Resume posted by mariamrizkallah in Scientific.

Desired position type: Part-Time
Location: Bremen Bremen, Germany

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Formerly, I was a pharmacist, a software engineer and biotechnologist. Currently, I am a marine microbiology graduate student dealing with transcriptomic data. I was a tutor of R and Python and the developer of PharmacoMicrobiomics webportal. I seek a part-time/freelancing job to finance my PhD studies. Alternatively, I seek a full-time job in case I could not finance my studies.


Doctoral Student, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) , Germany, July, 2014—Present
▪ University: Jacobs University Bremen (JUB)
▪ Program: Helmholtz Graduate School for Polar and Marine Research (POLMAR)
Master of Science, The American University in Cairo (AUC) , Egypt, September, 2011—June, 2014
▪ Major: Biotechnology
▪ Thesis: Transcriptomics of Iron Limitation in Phaeocystis antarctica (hdl: 10013/epic.43848 )
Master of Science, Universität Bremen , Germany, April—August, 2013
▪ Major: Marine Biology
9-Month Diploma, Information Technology Institute (ITI) , Egypt, September, 2010—July, 2011
▪ Platform: Software Engineering
▪ Specialization: Open Source Technologies
▪ Graduation Project: PharmacoMicrobiomics Database
Bachelor of Science, Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University (FOPCU) , Egypt, September, 2004—May, 2010
▪ Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences


Teaching Fellow, AUC , Egypt, September, 2011—May, 2014
▪ Corrected reports and quizzes, prepared R and Perl/Python lab assignments and guided students in “Quantitative Biology ”, “Fundamentals of Bioinformatics” and “Molecular Evolution and Population Genetics” lectures and labs, and “Unity of Life” labs supervised by Associate Prof. Ahmed Moustafa and Assist. Prof. Walid Fouad
Research Assistant, AWI , Germany, June—September, 2012 and April—August, 2013
▪ Collected water samples the project “Sea of Change” on board of the Research Vessel Polarstern supervised by Associate Prof. Ahmed Moustafa and Dr. Klaus Valentin
▪ Cultured micro-phytoplankton, harvested cells and extracted RNA supervised by Dr. Sára Beszteri

Archivist , Rare Books and Special Collections Library, AUC, September, 2013—June, 2014
▪ Categorized and maintained Arabic calligraphy collections
Bioinformatics Assistant , Red Sea Metagenomics Project, AUC, July and August, 2011
▪ Analyzed, assembled and screened fosmid libraries sequences using Newbler, BLAST and HMMER
Community and Compounding Pharmacist , Al-Wadi Pharmacy, Egypt, July—September, 2010
Pharmacist , The National Organization for Drug Control and Research, Egypt, July, 2009
▪ Introduced to quality control procedures and equipment in microbiology, pyrogen, TLC and HPLC units

PharmacoMicrobiomics Portal, FOPCU , March, 2011—Present
▪ Design and administer PharmacoMicrobiomics website ( ),
supervised by Prof. Ramy Aziz
iTree: scalable multithreaded phylogenomic pipeline, AUC , November, 2011—August, 2014
▪ Developed and expanded iTree using BioPython for deployment on Amazon EC2, supervised by Associate Prof. Ahmed Moustafa


  • Bioinformatics tools (10 years)
  • Unix, and text mining and parsing (7 years)
  • R (6 years)
  • Python (2-3 years)
  • SQL (2 years)
  • Django (1 year)


    Bioinformatics, data analysis, transcriptomics

Spoken Languages

    Arabic, English, German (A2)