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Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Mount Lebanon Lebanon

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A bright, talented and self-motivated data analyst, who has excellent organizational skills, is highly efficient and has a good eye for detail. Has extensive experience of assisting in the development and upgrading of database systems and analytical techniques. Able to play a key role in analyzing problems and come up with creative solutions as well as producing methodologies. A quick learner who can absorb new ideas and can communicate clearly and effectively.








Master degree of actuarial mathematics and statistics (not graduated)

University saint Esprit -Kaslik


Master’s degree in pure mathematics

Lebanese University – Fanar




Current Employer: Soft Solutions (worldwide business intelligence and retail company), Beirut – Lebanon
Designation: Employee

Department: AMS Analytics (2008- Present)


Recent Projects

  • CVS Caremark pharmacy (US Retail): working on the regular and promotional weekly sales forecasting
  • Okey (Russian retail): working on the regular weekly and daily sales forecasting.
  • Target (US retail): working on the promotional weekly sales forecasting.
  • Intermarche (French retail): working on the regular weekly sales forecasting.



Roles and Responsibilities:

I am currently employed as a Statistician/Developer and data Analyst at soft solutions.As part of the recent projects, shown above, my Role and Responsibilities have included:

  • Data scientist/Analyst.


o   Modeling: Design and implement statistical / predictive models and cutting edge algorithms to predict regular and promotional sales at Sku –Store level and to develop accurate shipment plans for different channels.

o   Analytics: Utilize Data mining tools such as decision trees (MP5 in WEKA), local outlier factor, DCT to support our objective in retail sales forecasting.

o   Involved in data modeling, data cleaning, consolidation and Price Elasticity from both sides implementation and methodology.

o   Validating general, specific mathematical and statistical theories implemented. Advising on the suitability of methodologies and suggesting improvements.

o   Prepare presentations and provide training to the new staff members on the systems implemented and the business behind it.

o   Providing results (insights/solutions): Conducted statistical analysis, such as the tracking signal, MAPE and Weighted MAPE, KPI and KVI as and when required and provided summaries of analysis such as summarized tables, charts and graphs.

o   Interacting with clients and onsite team to understand their business requirements and providing solutions to improve their forecasting accuracy.


  • Programmer                                                                                                                                                         

o   Developed Oracle’s PL/SQL packages,procedures and functions related to business to support statistical analysis of sales data and forecasting using time series techniques and multiple linear regression and other tools.

o   Coded, tested, debugged, implemented and documented apps using Oracle.


  • oracle plsql
  • R on widow and linux
  • microsoft suite
  • latex
  • SPSS
  • Spad
  • java – fair knowledge

Spoken Languages

    Arabic, English and French