Statisticain / Data Scientist

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Desired position type: Any
Location: Yekaterinburg Sverdlovskaya oblast’, Russia

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10 years experience of Statistical Analysis in Health Research, 6 years experience in TV Broadcasting Audience Research Analysis and 2 years experience in Machine Learning. Strong theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of statistical analysis. Extensive knowledge and experience in statistical packages such as R, SPSS and STATISTICA. Practical experience in applying a wide range of statistical models with a focus on predictive modelling and Social Network Analysis. Ability to provide in-depth, concise information and translate statistical concepts to various audience. Ability to interpret and consolidate large amount of numerical information in actionable recommendations. Strong analytical and problem solving skills, accuracy oriented with strong attention to details.


The Ural State University named after A.M.Gorky, Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) Mathematics. Applied mathematics; Yekaterinburg, Russia – 2002 – 2006.

The topic of graduated work: “Connectivity between Stochastic differential equations and Parabolic equations”.


Analyst (Data Scientist), «SKB Kontur»; Yekaterinburg, Russia April 20, 2015 Present

  • Perform clustering analysis of businesses according to data from open sources associated with data from client’s web traffic to estimate groups for further marketing research.
  • Construction Machine Learning pipeline using h2o and caret R-packages for prediction features of Russian businesses with a view to evaluate quality of sales process.
  • Social Network Analysis of economic and legal connections between Russian businesses in purpose to find patterns for effective interaction with key clients.


Statistician, Medical Centre of Pediatric Dermatology and Allergology; Yekaterinburg, Russia – October 20, 2006 – Present (remote contract).

  • Responsible for providing statistical support of medical studies related to an environmental pollution impact on children’s health.
  • Extracted data from database using SQL queries.
  • Responsible for data validation, cleaning and investigation of missing values using SPSS.
  • Calculated descriptive statistics and tests for annual government reports using SPSS.
  • Identified and applied appropriate statistical methods for an analysis of a heavy metal concentration impact on children’s health to predict and prevent possible disease caused by environmental pollution.
  • Provided SPSS statistical analysis including analysis of variance, hypothesis testing (t-test, chi-square, U-test etc.), regression models (linear regression, logistic regression, multiple regression, decision tree, classification trees, cluster analysis, survival analysis etc.), advanced statistical techniques (ANOVA/MANOVA, ANCOVA, Factor Analysis etc.).
  • Responsible for writing key statistical findings for scientific research articles.


Media Researcher (Audience Research & Analysis), TV Broadcasting Company «Studio-41»; Yekaterinburg, Russia – March 26, 2007 – May 7, 2013.

  • Produced TV channel performance reports on a regular basis, including in-depth, insightful analysis of key media metrics such as TV Share, TVR, Reach, Affinity.
  • Worked on comprehensive analytical reports to describe ways to improve a decision-making TV broadcasting process.
  • Optimized a reporting system using pivot tables and graphs.
  • Evaluated the competitive landscape and provided expertise and insights into the regional television market.
  • Compared regional and national audience metrics to find specifics of the regional TV Viewing in order to optimize the TV schedule.
  • Forecasted key audience metrics using time series models such as Exponential Smoothing and ARIMA.
  • Supported channel programming/acquisitions, scheduling, ad sales, affiliate sales and marketing.
  • Provided a research presence in meetings related to programme acquisitions, programme scheduling, and marketing.
  • Utilized creative and analytical skills to create customized materials to help elevate the perception and value of TV Company.
  • Managed and maintained a Gallup TV’Index and M’Index databases.


  • Statistical packages:
  • R (3 years),
  • SPSS (10 years),
  • STATISTICS (10 years).
  • Applied Mathematical packages:
  • Matlab (3 years),
  • Maple (3 years).
  • Languages: SQL (10 years), C++ (3 years).
  • Expert in MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power point.
  • Television-audience software: Palomars, iPalomars, Sputnik, TV Planet, Galileo.

Spoken Languages

    English (intermediate), Russian (Native)