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Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Gainesville Florida, United States

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Data Scientist with a diverse background in insurance, marketing, and agriculture fields. Motivated mainly by solving challenging problems using statistics techniques. Currently working as a graduate researcher at University of Florida.
Looking for an opportunity to work in a respectful, honesty, transparent and challenging environment where I can developed my analysis skills adding value to the company and to myself.


  • University of Sao Paulo, Brazil (2011):
    • Bachelor degree in Statistics
  • University of Florida (Summer 2017):
    • Master degree in Agricultural Operations Management (GPA: 3.86).
      • Title: Spatial analysis of fungal diseases for strawberries in Florida


  • Redecard (2008 – 2010): Transaction card company
    • Intern of Bussiness Inteligence department
      • Forecasting earnings by clients.
      • Modelling transactions fraud
      • Managing bases (SQL)
    • Whirlpool (2010 – 2011): Home appliance company
      • Intern of Bussiness Intelligence department
        • Creating sales report (KPIs)
        • CRM: Client segmentation (Cluster analysis)
        • Churn analysis and application for call center service
      • Porto Seguro (2012 – 2015): Largest Auto Insurance company in Brazil
        • Intermediate Statistician of Auto insurance
          • Modeling auto insurance claim (Severity and Frequency)
          • Churn analysis (Modelling and Optimization)
          • Time series analysis for insurance risks
          • Spatial risk analysis (GIS)
        • University of Florida (2015): Working for Dr. Clyde Fraisse to develop the
          • Researcher Scholar/Graduate Assistant
            • Geospatial analysis for crops
            • Translating DSSAT phenological models into spatial data.
            • Expanding Strawberry Advisory System: Modelling spatial data.
            • Spatial weather-index analysis
          • EnsoAg (2015-Current): Company focused on providing climate and weather solutions to agriculture
            • Intern
              • Paraguay weather-index Insurance: Project to develop a weather-index based insurance


  • R
  • SAS
  • Python
  • SQL
  • ArcGIS
  • MongoDB
  • SPSS


    Cluster Analysis, data analysis, Data management, Dimensionality Reduction, GAM, GIS, GLM, Spatial Analysis, Statistical Machine Learning, Time Series

Spoken Languages

    English, Portuguese, Spanish (basic)