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Data Analyst

Resume posted by xiaowei in IT.
Desired salary: $3,000.00
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Leiden Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

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I worked for nearly 5 years analysing data of big airlines and big casinos, using Java, R, python, etc.


Master in Modelling, Simulation and Gaming from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Master in Management Science and Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Bachelor in Applied Chemistry from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China


Data Scientist in ReelMetrics company, Leiden, the Netherlands,                                                        Dec.,2015 – Present

Analyzing the rounds amount of games for players in casinos, and the money spent on the games; Using data mining models to predict the effects of various game settings; The tools used include: R(RMarkdown, shiny applications), python, Matlab, MySQL. The data analysis reports I generated are interactive: readers can select different datasets over dropdowns in webpage, and see the update of data plots immediately. Readers can click certain data points in plots to include or exclude those points in the calculation of trend lines, to see immediately how the selection of points affect the conclusions in data analysis: the point estimates and the range estimates of certain figures.


Internship in project portfolio planning role, Dow Chemical Company, the Netherlands, May, 2014 – Aug.2015

Investigating the plan-making and maintaining strategies for a group of technical design projects, especially for the early phases of the projects when many issues are undecided or not figured out. Interviewed the project client, engineering/design department, project manager, technical manager, scheduler, to illicit their opinions about why project plans changes frequently, why it takes time to reach a project plan that satisfy all stakeholders. Designed a survey to analyse the risks that make a project plan fail, and analyse the factors and steps within a planning process.


Part-time back-end programmer in SysUnite Company, the Netherlands           April, 2014 – May 2014

Programmed, tested some software used for facility status monitoring and data analysis. The software provides an overview of operation and performance indicators of various facilities. Used Java EE and graph relational database.


Fulltime Backend Software Engineer in TravelSky Technology Limited, China                                   May, 2009-July, 2012

Responsible for mathematical modeling and programming for the China Southern Airline company; Airlines set up multiple fare levels on each flight cabin, they need to estimate the booking demand on each fare level, and assign seats onto multiple fare levels. I designed, programmed, and tested mathematical models (statistical models and operation research models). Was elected as excellent team member and got an exceptional promotion in technological status.


Accounting Assistant in Air International Company, Asia Pacific Office, Financial Department, Jun.-Oct., 2008

Dealt with Bank/ Cash payment and receivable, Bank account reconciliation and Cash flow forecast; assisted Journal entry & monthly financial report preparation; Verified expense report and reimbursed money to staff; Charged out cost to related Companies in Australia, USA, Japan, Thailand and etc.


  • Java(3 years)
  • R (2 years)
  • Python (6 months)
  • C++(2 months)
  • Turbo C(2 months)

Spoken Languages

    English (professional), Mandarin Chinese