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Desired position type: Any
Location: Zambrów podlaskie, Poland

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Experienced data analyst currently working with big-data in medical field, but having broad portfolio of experiences: social research (surveys, sampling, qualitative and quantitative approach), educational research (IRT, international surveys, complex sampling).
Working mostly with R, but proficient in multiple other technologies and stat-packages (Spark, Zeppelin, H2O, SQL, Python, SPSS, Stata, MAXqda and many others).


Psychology, specialization: social psychology
Warsaw School of Social Psychology
thesis: Dynamics of social influence in close relationships.
Graduated summa cum laude
Student-Assistant at „Methods of sociological interpretation” and „Advanced computer workshops”


06.2016 – present OwnedOutcomes
Working with medical data – forecasting, modeling disease progression, improving business processes. Using mostly R, Apache Spark / Hadoop, H2O.Data Scientist

·         Data wrangling (tidyverse)

·         Modeling (explaining)

·         Classifying

·         Predicting (e.g. time-series)

07.2013 – present CoderDojo Foundation Poland
(non-government , non-profit organization)

promoting hacker attitudes (maker approach, creativity) and teaching hacker skills (programming, electronics) to increase 21st Century Skills and improve the quality of life among children and teachers


10.2010 – 06.2016 Educational Research Institute, School Effectiveness Research Unit

Research-fellow / National Research Coordinator (Project Manager) of the International Computer and Information Literacy Study (ICILS 2013)

Principal investigator for the CoderDojo Erasmus Plus project

·         Consultant and expert for the European Commission and Polish Ministries (of Education, of Digitalization) on projects related to ICT in education (programming and digital competences, games and gamification in education, curricula for ICT and computer science etc.)

o   Member of the Ministry of Digitalization expert group for setting broad directions for developing digital competences in Poland

o   Member of Ministry of National Education the task-group for evaluation of Digital School programme

o   Member of the European Commission expert group on indicators for ICT in education

02.2011 – 06.2016 Various NGOs (Centrum Cyfrowe, Superbelfrzy RP, Panoptykon, Fundacja Nowoczesna Polska, Fundacja Orange, Dobra Edukacja)

Freelance analyst, consultant

10.2006 – 02.2011 Warsaw School of Social Psychology , Faculty of Humanities

Research-and-teaching Fellow

·         Member of the research team for German-Polish project on Social Change (Poland: SWPS, Germany: Jena University)

Teaching students:

o   Computer assisted data analysis (both qualitative and quantitative)

o   Computer Science


  • R developer: used hundreds of packages (and developed my own), able to customize and mesh together different procedures and approaches for the project; can use R in big-data environment (e.g. Hadoop / Spark,; can do web-apps with Shiny, reports in LaTeX etc.
  • Statistical expertise: Worked with statisticians, done advanced statistical procedures, published peer-reviewed articles with advanced analytical methodology.
  • Used to cooperate in international teams: I’m familiar with git, mediawikis, JIRA, trello or whatever else it takes to efficiently cooperate in international teams. Excellent written and spoken English. Able to run and attend meetings in English. Very good at presenting even the complicated methodological issues to business.
  • I understand business: Successfully ran several business-oriented projects: came up with offer, sold it to customer and delivered as promised.
  • Soft skills (psychological background, negotiations, team and project management, teaching)