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Desired position type: Part-Time
Location: Beijing Beijing Shi, China

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I am a Masters in Biostatistic at China Agricultural University. During my master thesis I have acquired expertise in R package development, SAS and Cpp programming as well. I can handle next generation sequencing data to solve integrative tasks through the application of statistical and machine-learning approaches.

I have made an R package named “JM4QTN”(not pubulished yet) successfully to do association analysis and linkage analysis for population genetic.

I have participated in several studies and projects about DNA(tumor exon sequencing, methylation, GWAS and genetic map) and RNA(LncRNA, micRNA, circRNA and Psedu-seq) when working at the Bioinformatic Core of Biomarker Technologies in Beijing. I got skill expertise for perl and python and HTML during the company.

I’d like to prosecute my work in the field of Biostatistic or Bioinformatic.

I am available via email and phone in order to arrange for an interview. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.


Junhui Li
[email protected]
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  • Statistics (8 years experience)
  • R (5 years experience)
  • SAS (3 years experience)
  • SPSS (3 years experience)
  • perl (2 years experience)
  • Cpp (2 years experience)
  • HTML(1 year experience)