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Desired position type: Any
Location: Napoli Campania, Italy

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I am a multi-disciplinary scientist with a marine ecology background and advanced coursework in modeling, simulation, and statistics. I’ve developed software to facilitate the compilation and analysis of data as well as utilized established programs and languages such as R, SAS, ArcGIS, NETLOGO, SATSCAN, ADMB, and SQL.


2007 B.S. Biology, Western Washington University
2010 M.S. Biology, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
2010 – 2014 Ecology, Statistics, Modeling and Simulation, Old Dominion University (4
years of studies in pursuit of PhD before exiting program)


06/2015 – Present      Data Scientist/Owner, Byron Analytics LLC

Use of R for Environmental data
– Quality control/Quality Assurance reporting tools
– Clean, Filter, Process Data from multiple sources
– Quantitative analysis of data
– Statistical analysis of data
– Automated Report generation
Mobile app development – Hive Maps for bee keepers to track hive productivity
– Provides analytical tools for general public and create citizen scientist
– Data integrity prevents lost information from malfunctions

06/2015 – 11/2016      Marine Biologist, City of San Diego

R analytics
– Validated and troubleshot analytical scripts for regulatory report data and graphics
– Developed novel statistical model for validation of sensor data
– Data validation and updating tools for Oracle SQL database maintenance.
– Developed Shiny web applications for data analysis/processing
– Developed automated reporting tools
Principal trainer for implementation of the R language for statistic computing
– Developed and conducted group lectures and assignments
– Provided one-on-one training to fellow employees
– Developed policies and procedures for R environment
IT/GIS support for City of San Diego’s Ocean Monitoring Program
– Assisted in database administration and maintenance
– Local technical support for lab members, liaison with Department of IT
– Provide insight/guidance in long-range planning for software needs
Conducted ocean-based sampling:
– Benthic sediment grabs
– Benthic Otter Trawls
– Water column sampling via Rosette CTD
Family-level identification of benthic infauna invertebrates.

03/2015 – 07/2016      Adjunct Professor, Platt College

Taught 3 6-week courses of Environmental Science
– Developed course from textbook
– 18 lectures for liberal art students
– Weekly quizzes, 2 projects
– Final Exam

10/2013 – 12/2013 Volunteer Statistical Consultant, 20 hours, San Diego Coast Keepers

Provide sampling design for identification on non-point source pollution
Work with ArcGIS models to locate areas of interest in urban streams

08/2012 – 07/2013 Research Assistance, Virginia Modeling and Simulation Center

Statistical analysis of prevalence data, fitting appropriate distributions
Lead team development of systems dynamics model
Data mining information from 30 year data set for Chesapeake Bay Program
– Cleaning and filtering data for analysis
– Identify spatial/temporal patterns
– Sub setting data based on features or variables
– Time-series analysis of spatial database
Applied Multivariate analysis, maximum likelihood estimations

08/2010 – 08/2012      Research Assistance, Benthic Ecology Lab, Old     Dominion University         

Soft-sediment sampling of the Chesapeake Bay utilizing a Box corer and Young grab
Sediment analysis: sand/silt fraction and % organic composition
Species-level identification of infaunal macrobenthic organisms, counts and ash-free dry weights measured

08/2007 – 12/2009 Lab Teaching Assistant, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

Organic Chemistry I
Introductory Biology


  • R
  • Shiny
  • RMarkdown
  • Package Development
  • XLConnect
  • Statistics
  • Modeling
  • Git


    Automated Reporting