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Location: Cape Town Western Cape, South Africa

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I’m a PhD student specialising in eyewitness memory and face recognition. I have a strong background in psychological research with a focus on experimental design and quantitative data analysis.


I’m a PhD student specialising in eyewitness memory and facial recognition. I’m completing my PhD on eyewitness memory for multiple perpetrators, which I have investigated using three experiments, one survey, and one artificial neural network.

I have a Masters degree in Psychological Research, with course work in Clinical Neuropsychology. I graduated with a distinction for my dissertation and my course work (thus a distinction for my degree overall). Before this, I completed my B.A degree in Psychology, and an Honours degree in Psychology.

While I registered for my M.A. degree, I was also concurrently registered for undergraduate courses in Linguistics. I am a few courses sort of a Linguistics major. I also completed a Masters-level applied multivariate regression and correlation statistics course, which covered SEMs, MLM, path analysis, multiple regression, logistic regression in R.


I have extensive experience working as a research assistant on various projects, most investigating eyewitness memory. These projects have has sample sizes ranging from 100 – 300 participants, and have been a mix of cross-sectional and longitudinal designs (where we collected data from about 200 participants over a three-week period). My research experience is not limited to laboratory research with students, but extends to real police officers and real eyewitnesses. I have experience collecting data through one-on-one interviews, coding video footage and transcribing audio interviews, online survey methods (e.g. Survey Monkey), and laboratory methods such as E-prime, Superlab, and Tobii. I am also proficient with Faces, Tobii eyetracker, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft office. I use SPSS and R for data analysis, and I teach an introduction course in R programming to the Masters students in the Psychology department at UCT.



  • All aspects of Psychological research (design, data collection, materials, data analysis, write-up) (8 years)
  • Quantitative data analysis (8 years)
  • Lecturing (postgraduate and undergraduate) (5 years)


    Academic writing, Cognitive Psychology, E-Prime, Eyewitness memory, Facial recognition, Lecturing, Psychological research, Psychology, Psychology & Law, Public speaking, Quantitative data analysis, Quantitative research, R, Regression, Research

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    Afrikaans, English, French (Basic)