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I’m a PhD student specialising in eyewitness memory and face recognition. I have a strong background in psychological research with a focus on experimental design and quantitative data analysis.


I’m a PhD student specialising in eyewitness memory and facial recognition. I’m completing my PhD on eyewitness memory for multiple perpetrators, which I have investigated using three experiments, one survey, and one artificial neural network.

I have a Masters degree in Psychological Research, with course work in Clinical Neuropsychology. I graduated with a distinction for my dissertation and my course work (thus a distinction for my degree overall). Before this, I completed my B.A degree in Psychology, and an Honours degree in Psychology.

While I registered for my M.A. degree, I was also concurrently registered for undergraduate courses in Linguistics. I am a few courses sort of a Linguistics major. I also completed a Masters-level applied multivariate regression and correlation statistics course, which covered SEMs, MLM, path analysis, multiple regression, logistic regression in R.


I have a lot of experience tutoring and lecturing in Psychology. I have worked at two different universities: University of South Africa (UNISA) and the University of Cape Town (UCT). I taught second year research methods and third year year statistics at UNISA for three years on Saturdays (UNISA is a correspondence university). I lecture undergraduate statistics (introduction to probability, t-tests, z-tests, regression, correlation, sampling distribution of the mean, normal distribution), artificial neural networks, and eyewitness memory at UCT. I lecture a portion of the eyewitness memory lectures to the Honours students. I also lecture statistics (using SPSS) to the students in the Masters degree Programme and Evaluation in the Department of Organisational Psychology, and an Introduction to Programming using R to the Research Masters students in the Department of Psychology.

I have also worked as a tutorial convener for an Applied Cognitive Psychology where students have to complete an mini research project in roughly three months. This is a very intense experience where students have to design these projects, collect data, analyse it and write it up. One of these projects in 2016 won the best undergraduate paper from the American Psychology-Law Society.

I also have extensive experience working as a research assistant on various projects, most investigating eyewitness memory. These projects have has sample sizes ranging from 100 – 300 participants, and have been a mix of cross-sectional and longitudinal designs (where we collected data from about 200 participants over a three-week period). My research experience is not limited to laboratory research with students, but extends to real police officers and real eyewitnesses. I have experience collecting data through one-on-one interviews, coding video footage and transcribing audio interviews, online survey methods (e.g. Survey Monkey), and laboratory methods such as E-prime, Superlab, and Tobii. I am also proficient with Faces, Tobii eyetracker, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft office. I use SPSS and R for data analysis, and I teach an introduction course in R programming to the Masters students in the Psychology department at UCT.


  • All aspects of Psychological research (design, data collection, materials, data analysis, write-up) (8 years)
  • Quantitative data analysis (8 years)
  • Lecturing (postgraduate and undergraduate) (5 years)


    Academic writing, Cognitive Psychology, E-Prime, Experimental design, Eyewitness memory, Facial recognition, Lecturing, Psychological research, Psychology and Law, Quantitative research, R, SPSS, statistics, Tutoring

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    Afrikaans, English, French (Basic)