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Desired salary: $60,000.00
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Shanghai Shanghai Shi, China

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I am a fresh PhD from China and my study field mainly contain complex networks and dynamics on them, which need very strong data mining skills. I have developed very strong interests in data processing works, like data cleaning, analysis, modeling and so on. I am capable of different kinds of related tools, like C++/SQL/Python/Spark and especially good at R. I want to do more research-like works in data mining field and my lifelong pursuit is developing a more intelligent data mining system which can replace normal data analyst.



East China Normal University, Department of Physics

Shanghai, China                                        Sept. 2011 – present
Doctor of Science: Theoretical physics. GPA: 87/100.

Major: Complex network and nonlinear dynamics on it.
Achievement: 5 SCI research articles(total impact factor: 19)


University of Washington, Department of Physiology and Biophysics

Seattle, USA                                                 Sept. 2015 – Sept. 2016

Study Abroad as Joint PhD Student
Project: The collective firing behavior of neurons in mice brain.

           We use GLM and Graphic model to analysis the in vivo neuron activity of the mice brain, with a over 250GB big data set provided by Allen Institute for Brain Science, Seattle. R and Python are the main tools while TensorFlow was also tried.


École normale supérieure de Lyon, Laboratoire de physique

LYON, France                                               Sept. 2013 – Jan. 2014

Study Abroad as Internship
Project: Synchronization of a large system of coupled nonlinear oscillators


Central China Normal University, School of Physics

Wuhan, China                         Sept. 2007 – July 2011

Bachelor of Science: Physics & Mathematical. GPA: 86/100,  Top 3 out of 27

Relevant Coursework:  Mathematical Statistics • Real Function • Complex Analysis • Methods of Mathematics & Physics • Statistical Physics • Principle of Database • Data Structure • C language Programming, etc.


Chinapex, Inc.                                                                                              Shanghai, China

Data Scientist Intern                                                                                        Feb. 2017 – Present

Job Description: Working with scientific advisor from UCB to guide the data mining engineer team. Building an automatic machine learning platform which can handle different kinds of data source (Boolean, category, numeric, ordinal, period, …) and do data cleansing (outlier, missing value, …) all in one framework, implemented with R/Scala/Julia.


Ruiguang Technology, Inc.                                                                     Shanghai, China

Algorithm Engineer Intern                                                                       July 2012 – Sept. 2012

Job Description: Developed a high speed keyword-searching algorithm and implemented with C++ under Linux. It met the technical requirements and was used in production environment.


iResearch Consulting Group                                                             Shanghai, China

Data Analyst Intern                                                                                 July 2011 – Sept. 2011

Job Description:  Wrote scripts for generating daily report with SQL/R/Excel. Did research on a project aimed at forecasting the users’ gender with their online behavior. Decision tree and SVM are the main algorithms used.


  • R (6 years experience)
  • C++
  • Python
  • Matlab
  • Spark
  • Julia

Spoken Languages

    English -- very effectively, Mandarin