Data Scientist

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Desired salary: $60,000.00
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Omaha Nebraska, United States

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Precise, Details Driven Data Scientist. Proficient at unlocking key entry points to explode meaningful data solutions. Committed to technical accuracy and integrity verified throughout the discovery providing consistently thorough analyses. Bilingual in the language of data, providing a link between the code and the everyday vernacular to meaningfully communicate the story of the data.


University of Nebraska at Omaha – Omaha, NE
Major: Masters of Science in Mathematics May 2016
Concentration: Data Science
GPA: 3.764/4.0

Creighton University – Omaha, NE
Major: Bachelors of Art in Theater May 2011
Minor: Atmospheric Science
GPA: 3.12/4.0

• Data Visualization and Quantification (with R)
• Business Analytics (with R)
• Machine Learning/Data Mining (with R)
• Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau (Internship at Catch)
• Intro to Data Science (with R)
• Deterministic Operations Research (with Gurobi)
• Integer Programming (with Python)
• Time Series Analysis (with R)
• Applied Linear Models (with R)
• Probability and Statistics I and II (by hand)
• Theatrical Directing I and II (leadership & soft skills)


Data Science Internship – Omaha, NE
January 2016 – June 2016
Catch Intelligence Predictive Analytics Department
• Collaborated in the creation of Catch Intelligence’s Predictive Analytics practice
o Create Predictive Analytic Statements of Work and Scopes of Service templates for:
 Proposals
 Proof of Concepts
 Projects
• Educate other departments about what data science is and the power of predictive/prescriptive analytics
• Participate in exploratory business calls with current and potential clients
• Collaborate on client Projects:
o Clean, explore, analyze, and visualize real world business data using R and SAP Predictive Analytics
 Breakthru Beverages: generate merchandise recommendation data product from sample data set as proof of concept
 Nebraska Spine Pain Center: coach client on importance of Data Governance and perform exploratory data analysis on available target variables, and identify variables that are the key performance indicators in the classification regression model for “failed surgeries”
• Communicate findings of the data analyses
• Educate clients about the importance of Data Governance

Business Intelligence Analysis Project – Omaha, NE
Summer 2015 – April 2016
Consultant for Haygood Family Enterprises, Inc – Branson, MO
• Generate revenue by stimulating marketing plan for the business by sorting and locating customers
• Manipulate, clean, and reorganize the data utilizing R
• Visualize the data to ascertain any hidden profitable knowledge to direct future business
o Discover large income customers that have stopped attending performances
o Ascertain threshold level for bolstering revenue with complimentary tickets
o Display geographic distribution of customers and revenue
o Locate geographic vacuums to fill with potential customers
• Communicate findings to CEO of the music entertainment business

Devised Data Product for Local Railroad Company – Omaha, NE
August 2014 – December 2014
Collaborative Project
• Brainstorm with group to solve real world problems
• Obfuscate proprietary data
• Visualize throughput at drayage locations
• Create reproducible data product for railroad company
• Present findings

1st Place Data Visualization Award Recipient – Omaha, NE
Spring 2015
Annual UNO Data Visualization Competition (graduate level)
• Image is provided on LinkedIn page or can be emailed upon request
• $500 award for visualizing research on cellular proteins affected by HIV
• Explored HIV data with statistical analyses quantifying and identifying the most effected proteins
• Illustrate the data in a professional, statistically meaningful, and aesthetically pleasing manor


  • R (3 years)
  • SQL (0.5 years)
  • Python (0.25 years)
  • SAP (05. years)
  • Presentation/Speaking (5 years)
  • PowerPoint (15 years)
  • Microsoft Word (15 years)
  • Guitar (10 years)
  • Karaoke (10 years)
  • Theater (6 years)

Spoken Languages

    English (Fluent), Spanish (basic)