Data Analysis Engineer using R

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Desired position type: Part-Time
Location: Beijing Beijing Shi, China

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1. BS in Statistics; 2. More than two-year experience in Java web development; 3. Two-year experience in data analysis


I graduated from Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology with a BS in Statistics. There I studied Statistics and got trained in multiple softwares such as Matlab, R, SPSS and SAS. Meanwhile, I took part in Mathematical Contest in Modeling in 2010.


First two years, I worked as a Java web developer. My company built financial systems for banks. So I’m familiar with financial risk control models and Java web development. I can use Java quite well and know much about Oracle.

Since 2016, I have been working as a data analysis engineer. My company runs business in environmental protection. And my duty is to analyse air pollutants such as CO, O3 with statistical or machine learning models and build analysis system with Java, R or Python. R are my favorite, but recently I think Python has better performance and use Python more than usual.


  • Java web development(2 years)
  • R/Python(2 years)
  • Statistical modelling(2 years)
  • SQL(4 years)


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