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Location: Panamá Panamá, Panama

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Data Scientist and Senior Financial Professional with great experience in Private Equity, Corporate Finance and Auditor, gained within global environment over the last 20 years. Project Management skills gained within multiple industries worldwide. Applied Statistics & Quantitative Risk Analysis background developed within Financial markets and Business Intelligence, all with a strategic outlook and proven leadership ability.


  • Bachelors degree in Business and Finance (1997)
  • Master in Applied Statistics and Risk Management models (2007)
  • Master Big Data & Machine Learning (on-going)
  • European CPA
  • Professional Financial Advisor
  • Financial Risk Analyst
  • IFRS & IAS
  • Data Scientist (WIP)
  • SEO Certified
  • Business Analyst (PMI)



Project Manager for Data Mining and Business Intelligence within a multinational software development company. Implemented multiple ML projects and data visualization dashboards. Prior to that, worked as Finance specialist in International Private Equity & Corporate Management organization. Involved, since 2006 into Hedge-Fund and Investment Banking activities working from Wall Street, London and Madrid. During that period, I developed a large track record of private equity transaction, international commodity trading and managed SWIFT message transmission.

Stock exchange broker and asset manager for a leading Private Bank in Central America and Caribbean. Holding a solid track record doing international tax planning, audit and accounting for international companies. Licensed as CPA and Auditor in early 1998.


  • Analytical Skills
  • Critical & Strategic thinking
  • Problem finder/solver
  • Planning/Organizational Skills
  • Negotiation Skills


    Agile, Project Management, Public speaking, Team Management

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    Agile, Project Management, Public speaking, Team Management