Statistician/Data Analyst

Resume posted by Sergey Cherkasov in Scientific.
Desired salary: $60,000.00
Desired position type: Part-Time
Location: Moskva Moscow, Russia

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• Current skills in modern data science with mastery in all aspects of data preparation, modeling, data visualization and data storytelling
• Strong data mindset and a combination of professional use of data for decision making and competitive application of data skills as a hobby demonstrated by results of Kaggle competitions
• Ability to look at problems afresh and apply solid analytical toolset rooted in deep understanding of best practices
• Leadership ability, mature approach to work with eagerness for continuous learning
• An experienced professional in print media operations with proven track record of data-driven business acumen and solid academic background in theoretical science


Moscow Lomonosov State University                                                                            Moscow, Russia

MS in theoretical mechanics, Postgraduate studies with specialization in high velocity impacts

John Hopkins University                                                                                                     Online studies

Certificate in Data Science


At Nitka Technologies pursued my interests in applied statistics. Worked on a project for a leading US marketing analytics company where as a lead statistician I have contributed to development of analytical data platform by identifying and implementing applicable statistical data analysis methods to assist users/analysts in streamlining their work. Gained experience in integration of R Shiny apps with the data platform, identifying and choosing the best applicable methods for analytical data prep for a given data domain, mentoring app developers in implementing statistical methods in applications, technical writing of proposals for implementations of statistical methods.


  • R Programming Language and all important packages: tidyverse collection, shiny, Rmarkdown, data.table


    data analysis

Spoken Languages

    English (Fluent), Italian (A2), Russian (Native)