Machine Learning Engineer

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Location: Roanoke Texas, United States

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Ph.D. in Computer Science with dissertation focusing on advanced personalized search and recommendation. More than a dozen publications in international AI conferences, workshops, and journals.

Innovative software engineer offering twenty years of experience in the full software development lifecycle – covering all phases project development including business requirements analysis, architecture and design, user interface design, testing and quality assurance, implementation, and deployment.

Over five years of experience in developing machine learning models for formulating predictions and providing recommendations.

Known for strong problem solving and thorough analysis skills – able to analyze code and data, troubleshoot problems, and offer robust solutions.


Ph.D. in Computer Science • Research Area: Artificial Intelligence • DePaul University, 2010

Master of Science Degree in Management Information Systems • Benedictine University, 2000

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and Business Administration • Illinois Wesleyan University, 1997


Renkara Media Group – Machine Learning Engineer                                                           2013 – Present

I am one of the founders of Renkara Media Group.  We build AccelaStudy, an accelerated learning platform with millions of users.

My responsibilities as a machine learning engineer on this project were as follows:

  • Captured and transformed real-time data from Amazon Aurora into a suitable format for scalable analytics.
  • Manipulated and analyzed complex, high volume, and high dimensional data in AWS using various querying tools.
  • Demonstrated strong analytical skills for cleaning and preparing the data as well as selecting a representative sample for training our models.
  • Creation and evaluation of predictive machine learning models that can be utilized to improve the effectiveness of study sessions.
  • Data transformation for proper scaling, decomposition, and aggregation of data.
  • Feature engineering to achieve best possible results from our predictive models.
  • Investigation of machine learning at scale using Amazon SageMaker on AWS.
  • Wrote code to facilitate the integration of applications with backend RESTful Web Services.
  • Performed code reviews and utilized GitFlow for branching and collaboration.


  • R, RStudio, TensorFlow, Python