Machine Learning Developer

Resume posted by GayatriPadhi in IT.
Desired salary: $500,000.00
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Hyderabad Telangana, India

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Intend to be a part of an organization which brings out the best in me. Seeking a challenging and rewarding position where I will not only be able to contribute to improve efficiency and profitability of the organization, but will also be able to improve my skill and knowledge.


B.Tech.: GIET, Gunupur (Computer Science and Engineering)
CGPA: 7.78

Intermediate: Deepika E.M.School

X: Carmel School


Data Analyst
SriyamSoft LLC, Hyderabad
Nov 1st, 2017-Present

My professional experience includes crafting algorithms and making use of machine learning to integrate various models into our product using R and bring out data visualization. Couple this experience with my passion for data and urge for learning, I shall be able to reach up to the company’s requirements.
The following are my most relevant qualifications and accomplishments:
Crafted machine learning algorithms using R (and Python) to integrate with BoC, the product of SriyamSoft LLC
Have found and resolved the incorrect visualization presented by Time-Series(ARIMA), Exponential regression, Decision Trees and Correlation Matrix in the product
Worked on Turi and and have implemented the inbuilt functions of each ML algorithm in modelling different applications such as Recommender systems, Lead Scoring, Customer Churn, Data Matching, Frequent Pattern Mining.
Have got the opportunity to present on predictive analytics module of the product to the client company which is one of the Fortune 500 companies


  • R
  • Python
  • Machine Learning


    Team Management

Spoken Languages

    Bengali, English (Fluent), Hindi, Oriya