Bioinformatician (R/Python)

Resume posted by Carlos Neves in Pharmaceutical.

Desired position type: Any
Location: Lausanne Vaud, Switzerland

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A highly qualified and self-motivated data analyst, experienced in decision-making, problem solving and supervisory functions. Flexible and adaptable, possessing a broad range of skills, from advanced biomedical concepts to machine learning and statistical analysis. Highly capable of working independently on own initiative or as an integral part of a team in challenging projects, with excellent organizational, analytical and communication skills.


  • PhD in Developmental biology, University of Aberdeen

My PhD was funded by a personal fellowship awarded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia
(FCT Portugal), which gave me control over the project budget. My work as a trainee researcher
led to significant advances in understanding the genetics and mechanisms of the congenital
clubfoot deformity and was twice selected for presentation in international scientific meetings.

  • BSc in Biochemistry, University of Lisbon

Final grade of 90% (first class honor equivalent) with annual award of distinction scholarship and the Prize for the Top Students of the year for the entire University of Lisbon.


  • Bioinformatician, Fios Genomics

As a bioinformatician at Fios Genomics, I handle high dimensional bio-medical data and I am responsible for the analysis and interpretation of the clients’ experimental results. I am proficient in a variety of statistical methods, modelling and hypothesis testing applied to biological and medical data, with a particular focus on R programming.


  • Biomedical and molecular data
  • Statistical modeling
  • Machine Learning

Spoken Languages

    English (C1), French (ok), Portuguese (Native)