Data Scientist

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Desired position type: Any
Location: Denver Colorado, United States

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Machine learning programmer with strong modeling intuition, a creative mind, and proven performance. Extensive data science, consulting, and business background. Excellent ability to explain complex data and models.


Masters of Science in Predictive Analytics, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL (Conferred March 30, 2018)

As of June 2018, the degree will be called MS in Data Science.  Strong references from industry data scientists.

 Solution Process

  • Data ETL and wrangling • Exploratory data analysis
  • Define the analytical problem • Tell the data’s story: Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive
  • Design, validate, test models • Prepare data analysis using data visualizations
  • Report results, identify limitations, and make recommendations


Modeling Techniques

  • Generalized linear models • Single and multiple linear regression
  • Principal components analysis • Linear discriminant analysis
  • Decision trees • Poisson regression
  • Time Series • Support vector machine
  • Unsupervised learning • Cluster analysis
  • Random forest • Gradient boosting
  • Neural networks/embeddings • Genetic algorithms/heuristics



  • R (lattice, many packages) • Python
  • SAS programming, JMP • SQL (MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, Access)
  • VB Studio/VBA/Excel • GIS: ArcGIS, Manifold
  • Jupyter Notebook • Git, Github
  • Website design (HTML, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, ColdFusion)
  • Multimedia: Photoshop, Illustrator, Video Production, Pinnacle (Avid), Adobe Premier



NetOrg Enterprises, Denver, Colorado, 2014-present

Data Scientist

June 2016 to March 2018: Completed Master’s degree in data science

2014 to June 2016, contracted to First Hawaiian Bank, Risk Analytics Division:

  • Architected and programmed production environment to run statistical and qualitative models and produce forecasts. Features included management of pure model results, qualitative adjustments, and final numbers, and abstraction of business rules. Tools: Python, R, Visual Studio
  • Ran models, generated forecasts and regulatory documentation, and met with business units for DFAST and CCAR governmental submissions


National Park Service, Kalaupapa, Hawaii, 2013-2014

Volunteer, Natural Resource Division

  • Analyzed business needs and designed a data warehouse for collecting endangered plant data
  • Devised data collection methods using tablets and Bluetooth GIS devices for collecting data and multimedia linked to GIS coordinates




Catalyst Secure Repositories, Denver, Colorado, 20112013

Director, Search & Analytics Consulting

  • Discussed search and review needs with clients to develop best strategies to achieve case goals, early case assessment and planning
  • Wrote SQL queries to extract data, transform it, and produced custom reports from large data sets with MSSQL client, Access, Excel, and proprietary tools
  • Extracted data and transformed it, and designed processes and prepared document collections to implement predictive coding with proprietary machine learning algorithms
  • Consulted with clients to implement eDiscovery solutions tailored to specific project needs
  • Managed and supervised projects and consultants of Consulting Department, Inc., Encinitas, California, 2002-2012

CEO/ Owner

  • Evaluated business opportunities for applying analytics/technologies to real estate sales and then turned those ideas and processes into capabilities for company agents
  • Designed and administered data warehouses to collect and leverage real-estate data
  • Architected and coded predictive models and web front-end applications (HTML, Javascript, CSS, ColdFusion) and dashboards to interact with databases
  • Programmed back-end applications in Visual Basic and ColdFusion to retrieve and extract data, transform it, and then load it into a data warehouse
  • Explored and tested data to understand relationships and issues with data content
  • Built automated applications to cleanse real-time data and add metadata to each record
  • Consulted with customers to identify data needs and created personalized reports and dashboards to filter and visualize data so clients might quickly identify important information
  • Gathered and prepared proprietary GIS data assets to allow the company and its clients to run queries and identify properties with algorithms unavailable to other competitors
  • Oversaw financials (AP/AR accounts, tax/accounting records, etc.), corporate governance (contracts, IP, vendors, state filings), and risk management (policies manual, insurance)


Latham & Watkins, Los Angeles, California, 20012002

Global Legal Knowledge Manager

  • Assessed firm processes and made recommendations to improve the firm’s knowledge management and leverage of its vast intellectual capital
  • Supervised and evaluated a team of knowledge management employees in multiple offices


Startups:, Viviance New Education, Austin, Texas, 19992001

VP of Technology/Project Management

  • Led technology design and development of a banking/financial services portal using a content management platform and Oracle backend
  • Managed projects of technology team implementing web-based eLearning applications
  • Generated project status reports for management and customers


Alston & Bird, Atlanta, Georgia, 1995-1999

Chief Knowledge Counsel

  • Managed a technology team of Internet programmers and designers
  • Led firm in the practical use of technology for professional services. Wrote and spoke widely on impact of the Internet on professional services.
  • Wrote forty (40) articles for publication in national and industry publications


  • R (3 years)
  • Python (2 years)
  • SAS (1 year)
  • VBA (5 years)
  • All other programming languages (10 years)
  • SQL (20 years)