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Location: Georgetown Texas, United States

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We are a Data Science startup with focus on building best-in-class machine learning models for generating business value. Our team consists of Industry experts in the Advanced Analytics space.

Majority of our projects are in the following domains



MTech, Statistical Signal Processing, IIIT-Bangalore

Certification on Business Analytics, ISI


Some of the notable projects done by our team as follows

  • Price Elasticity analysis and Emerging claim analysis for a Fortune 50 F&B
  • Forecasting engine development for shipments. Models running in a productionized environment with consistent accuracy of 98%+
  • Provided data driven recommendation for a Fortune 200 consumer goods manufacturer to handle closure of a major retailer. Built robust sales baselining models. Analyzed 1000+ US markets and identified their Key market differentiators from several demographics, weather and consumption attirbutes. Identified Market clusters using Key Market differentiators. Developed Assortment Planning recommendation platform
  • Statistically obtained adjustment factors to correct Market share reported by a Survey panel data provider
  • Built Credit Portfolio Analytics platform for monitoring key operational and business metrics
  • Evaluated Credit Risk models. Explored the impact of additional variables from public sources on model performance
  • Developed patent-pending anomaly detection algorithm for multivariate sensor data from gas turbine. Lead a team for deploying the solution
  • Developed fast data clustering algorithm (extension of Connected Component Labeling based clustering) for Power Generation application. Output of clustering algorithm was used for coal blend planning which was posed as a Mixed Integer optimization problem. One publication and two patent filings
  • Developed mapping algorithm for generating temperature and massflow profile of a gas turbine exhaust. It is an inverse problem which is solved as a constrained linear least-squares problem – Two patent filing
  • Developed signal processing algorithm for calculating time of flight of acoustic signal in an extremely noisy environment – One patent filed and one trade secret


  • R
  • Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence