Statistics and Data Analysis Engineer

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Desired salary: $1,800.00
Desired position type: Any
Location: Bizerte Tunisia

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You can find detailed information of my professional experience and my academic qualifications along with my contact details in my resume.


I am currently a student, pursuing an engineering degree (equivalent to a master’s degree) in Statistics and Data Analysis at the Higher School of Statistics and Data analysis – ESSAI of Tunis, where I am developing my statistics and modeling skills and pursuing my passion for science and mathematics and leading now my graduation project in SolvaRisk Tunis with an expected graduation date in June 2018.

During my education, I found myself breaking down all the hurdles in my way and getting closer to understanding mathematics, probability, statistical theories and various significant aspects of statistical science such as the decision theory, probability distribution, asymptotic theory, utility functions as well as the use of algebra, scientific computing and business economics and management.

I am fresh with all the knowledge in probability and statistics, ready to face the challenges within the field. I am through with the skills and knowledge of applied statistics that are essential to take part in natural experiments, optimization and design of observational studies.



My previous experiences as an intern and the various projects that I have been able to carry out such as a Principal Component Analysis about Scientific Research’s performance, a survey sampling about students expenditures for spare-time activities and Monte Carlo simulation have clearly contributed to strengthen my theoretical and practical knowledge, particularly in terms of statistical modeling and mastery of statistical software such as R and Python.

Actually, I previously held a summer internship at the National Institute of Statistics where I have been working on forecasting petroleum products consumption, and another one at La Poste Tunisienne where I developed a survey and performed a segmentation about Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Analysis.

A challenging environment such as yours will give me the opportunity to make the best use of my skills and experience as a statistician and data analyst. I am also convinced that the team spirit is what mostly fuels the teamwork and that open and transparent atmosphere is the key to give one’s best, which makes me a valuable team member.

Being a member of a talented team would be a huge responsibility I am ready to take nevertheless.


  • data analysis data mining Statistics, R programming, Econometric, Times series, Actuarial sciences, machine learning, Java, Python


    Team Management

Spoken Languages

    Arabic, English and French, German (Basic)