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Desired position type: Any
Location: Baltimore Maryland, United States

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I’m currently a PhD student at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health studying Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology. I have extensive experience in consulting and public health. I am looking for a part time, temporary, or contract work relating to data science, hopefully in the field of public health or life sciences. I have specialties in spatial analysis and text analysis, with the majority of my recent work in R and Python.


University of California Berkeley – Berkeley, CA
B.S. Molecular Toxicology (2007 – 2011)
• Research Assistant in Vulpe Lab for aquatic toxicology
• Selected Coursework: molecular toxicology, pesticide toxicology, computational toxicology, environmental problem solving

University of San Francisco – San Francisco, CA
M.S. Environmental Management Certificate in Geospatial Tech. (2014 – 2016)
• Emphasis in Water Management
• Selected Coursework: remote sensing, spatial analysis, toxicology, environmental engineering, hydrology, web mapping

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health – Baltimore, MD
Ph.D. Student – Exposure Sciences and Env. Epidemiology  (2016 – pres.)
• Member of Dr. Kirsten Koehler’s Lab
• TA: Airborne Particles (Spring 2018), Spatial Statistics (Spring 2018)
• Selected Coursework: epidemiology, biostatistics, spatial statistics, machine learning, statistical consulting, risk assessment, exposure assessment, statistical computing, spatial analysis


Center for Const. Research and Training Data Center – Silver Spring, MD
Research Assistant (February 2018 – pres.)
• Conducting literature review and data analysis regarding the effects of temperature on construction fatalities/injuries
• Identification of novel data sources for temperature and injury rates

Stronger by Science – Raleigh, NC
Study Director/Analyst September 2017 – pres.
• Director and analyst for largest prospective cohort study relating to strength athletics and injury on record, with an initial study population in excess of 400 individuals (R, RStudio, Google Suite)
• Designed survey-based data collection system to quantify demographics, lifestyle, and training variables on a monthly basis
o Study expected to finish data collection in October 2018 at which point full survival analysis will be conducted
o Utilization of Google Forms for survey collection allowing for API access to Google Sheets for analysis

Marin County H&HS Epidemiology Division – San Rafael, CA
Public Health Data Science Research Associate (June 2017 – pres.)
• Developed spatial model and tool for fall prevention analysis amongst senior citizens by mining emergency medicine data and combining with spatial data relating to density of senior citizen residences and daytime activities (R, RStudio, Python)
o Determined that current reported data on falls was significantly beneath actual fall numbers based on the mining of emergency medicine data
• Conducted a dementia prevalence assessment and 30-year projection for Department of Aging to assist with an infrastructure and needs assessment associated with an aging population (R, RStudio)
o Compiled assessment and projections into report for community meetings and RFPs for infrastructure improvements
• Developed vital sign-based algorithm for increasing yield of sepsis diagnostic ability between Marin EMS and Kaiser Permanente Northern California Emergency Department (R, RStudio)
o Presented findings to Marin County Emergency Medical Services Agency Continuous Quality Improvement committee
o Improved yield/tracking of sepsis cases occurred upon implementation of recommendations
• Created novel text analysis-based algorithm for identification of acute opioid overdoses in Marin EMS records for use in public health outreach and surveillance (R, RStudio, Google Suite, Python)
o Use of HIPAA compliant G-Suite API to push/pull data automatically and upon request
o Low resource natural language processing

University of San Francisco Geospatial Analysis Lab – San Francisco, CA
Research Associate (March 2017 – pres.)
• Developing web tool for use in the spatial prediction of malaria risk in South East Asia
• Creating spatial statistics class for M.S. level environmental science and public health students
o Worked with Dr. Amalia Kokkinaki for geostatistics lecture development and implementation as a trial in an Advanced Quantitative Methods course
o Lectured on geostatistics to MSEM students in April, 2018

Cardno ChemRisk – San Francisco, CA
Associate Health Scientist II (2011 – 2016)
• Conducted human health risk assessments for variety of occupational and non-occupational exposure scenarios based on both retrospective and prospective exposure assessments
• Experience with human health risk assessments for asbestos, benzene, chromium, nickel, silica, diacetyl, TCE, PCE, and others
• Performed reviews of occupational health and safety programs following workplace incidents, alleged improper PPE usage, and alleged noise exposure for use in litigation and process improvement purposes
• Created expert scientific reports based on comprehensive literature reviews, simulation studies, corporate documents, and regulations for use in litigation, including deposition and trial
• Assisted with the design, implementation, and analysis of workplace simulation industrial hygiene studies


  • R/RStudio
  • Python
  • Stata
  • ArcGIS
  • QGIS
  • Google Suite
  • CartoDB


    nlp, Public health, Spatial Analysis, Text analysis

Spoken Languages

    English (native)